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rossanoferrettiHi ladies! It’s Meg’s other roomie Kristenosborne88! Since college, I’ve always been asked if I dye my super dark hair. Up until two years ago, I didn’t… because up until two years ago my hair didn’t grow in WHITE. So, yes, I had to start dying my already basically black hair to avoid the constant reminder that I’m almost 30.  I figured that since my hair was so naturally ‘noir’ that a cheap $7.99 box of black hair dye would do the trick. It did…just a little too well. Sure, it covered my white, but now I realized that before my hair was just dark dark BROWN, not midnight black. Now, however, after my foray with jet black hair dye-  it was ba-lack. So, naturally, I figured I’d just pile on some light brown hair color  to even out the super dark black dye to get it back to the color it was before – (it made perfect sense at the time).  Meg  here, I advised her not do this. I strongly suggested she see a professional. I suggested she learn from my mistakes. All in all, my hair became a black and brown mess and every few weeks I’d pick a shade of dark brown or black and pile it on to cover those pesky whites. I had had enough, and so I told Meg, “I am going blonde! I’m over my hair. I hate it. “ Meg “Wait, what? Where did this come from?”   Meg  here, I advised her not do this. I strongly suggested she see a professional. I suggested she learn from my mistakes. Kristen “I just hate it and I’m changing it all or I’m going to shave my head.” Meg “calm down you freak, I have just the place for you.”
– having a beauty expert as a roommate has it’s perks. Meg here, tons of perks, you should see our shower, plus I like to decorate, take care of the dogs, buy liquor and and am a barrel of laughs.

Within 24 hours Megan had an appointment for me at Rossano Ferretti. She told them I wanted a total transformation and so off I went, ready to look into the mirror and see a totally transformed person.

When I arrive at the salon, I’m greeted by an extremely friendly staff. I’m immediately struck by the décor – super elegent and chic, but without making me feel like I shouldn’t touch anything. High ceilings, black and white motif , wide open space. I meet my colorist, Sue-Yi, and begin talking about my hair history and how I want a total change, but I also don’t want my hair to fall out from harsh coloring and stripping and all that jazz. She just smiles and nods because  (as I later learned) I was pretty much asking for the impossible. I had two years worth of store bought black and brown hair dye on my hair (plus the remnants of a Brazilian blow out –which apparently opens up your hair’s pores and makes it soak up even that much more color).  So, the colorist begins really looking at my hair – she starts counting the different shades of brown and black (3…4… 5….6….) – and then she looks at me eyes and is, to my delight, honest. “I want you to look natural and I want you to love your hair color, but we have a lot of work to do – and you are NOT going blonde today, not unless you also want to go bald. ” She started her foil magic- painstakingly talking about 5-10 individual strands of hair at a time, and wrapping them in the magic foil. She was meticulous. Time didn’t stand still, though. I had a glass of wine, Sue-Yi was super friendly and before I knew it (3 hours later) I was over at the sink having my hair rinsed out.

rossanoferretti3Wet hair=dark hair so at first I didn’t see much of a change (Oh No.) However, once they began to blow it out I began to see the subtle, yet gorgeous, honey highlights that I hadn’t asked for-YET SHOULD HAVE. Here is the deal: Rossano Ferretti Salon is a gem because they genuinely cared about my hair and were HONEST. I don’t know many salons that have staff that behave the same way. I did not leave with what I came in asking for and THANK GOD FOR THAT! I’m NOT a hair expert – they are. It’s their professional responsibility – their HAIROCRATIC OATHE to think of my strands first – not my uneducated, spur of the moment demands.  

Here is the bottom line: I’m going to get to the hair color I want (though I really love what I have – they don’t have them experts for nothing), but I’m going to do it the smart way. Two years of bad box color cannot evaporate in three hours and anyone who tells you differently is lying to you and just wants your money. Rossano Ferretti wants my business. Big difference.

Make an appointment and make it now. Oh, and ask for Sue-Yi. Oh, and always listen to your beauty expert roommate.

Have any of you tried to make a drastic change and have it go, well…Drastic?

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