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roosterfeatherRooster Feathers Hair Adornment – Newest Fad! By Jeanasina

Last weekend my daughter had a wild crazy girl party and she invited me to come.  She informed me that one of the things that would be available at her party, were feather hair extensions.  I had never heard of this, so I immediately looked up everything I could on the Internet about having ‘feathers’ in your hair. The first article I came to had headlines which shouted out the fact that “Selena Gomez, Ke$ha and more LOVE the hair feather trend”!
At the party, a lovely girl named Heather arrived, armed with a clear plastic bag full of colorful feathers.  I immediately learned that they were rooster feathers, which had been died various lively colors and patterns.  I watched as some of the other party guests stepped up and picked out the exact feather they wanted attached to their hair. Heather and her best friend Rose both had absolutely beautiful feathers in their stunning red hair and I have to say, they both looked quite exotic and intriguing!
Several of the party women asked to purchase feathers and have Heather attach them to their hair. To attach the feather, Heather would ask the guest to locate the place where she wanted her feather to show in her hair. Then Heather would separate the tiniest amount of strands of hair out and using a large pair of needle nose pliers, she would use a tiny ‘clamp’ to attach the feather to the person’s hair. She said her pliers were a less glamorous option to the official tools used in high-end salons but they worked just fine.
I wasn’t going to get a feather but everybody said I absolutely HAD to, so I did.  Heather told me that the feather would stay in my hair up to three months and that I could wash my hair and do all the things that I normally do, with the feather still staying completely in tact!
Of course, once I got back home, there were no Hollywood themed extravaganzas for me to attend, so I felt a bit silly having a feather attached to my hair. I definitely got some ‘looks’ when I went to the grocery store. However, it’s a pretty eclectic neighborhood I live in so nobody probably thought much of it at all. When I went to visit my son, he said, “Mother! You have a feather in your hair!” I could see that he was trying valiantly not to laugh.
When it was time to wash my hair I found that the feather washed up nicely right along with my hair! I did have to be a little careful when I combed out my snarls to not pull on the little bead holding the feather in place.  The feather actually got worked in with my hair on my large round brush and it poofed out just like my hair did! Heather had mentioned that she had used a flat iron AND hot rollers with her feathers
Rooster feathers have been used for making fly fishing lures for years.  Lately however, there has been an increased demand for these same feathers by women and hair salons.  This new trend has brought the cost of rooster feathers WAY UP! This increase in demand for rooster feathers means it is not good for fly fishing lure makers who up to now were able to get the feathers at a reasonable cost. Rooster feathers were fairly easy to come by from Rooster harvesters and the cost was acceptable.  NOW, with the feather trend, the feathers are going for big money and the supply can’t keep up with the demand between the fly-fishing lure market and the female hair adornment market!
As hair extensions, the feathers can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled once they are attached into place.  Heather says when she colors her hair every 6 weeks, she takes the feathers out and then re-attaches them so she is really getting a lot of use out of her feathers.  The feathers are the same as hair extensions in that they move down as your hair grows. I actually read that the trend is SO popular that there is a company that even sells feather extensions for dogs!   
Because of this new trend, rooster saddle feathers that would have cost around $60.00 now go for as much as $200.00 to $400.00 a bag and these feathers are super SKINNY! The practice of attaching rooster feathers to human hair is becoming more popular right now, in part to various celebrities such as Steven Tyler, Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus who were early adopters of the practice.
Today I had my husband remove my feather.  He used his enormous needle nose pliers to squeeze the little metal bead, which was holding the feather on to my hair.  The little metal bead was flat so he just squeezed the sides and it opened up and my feather came floating by my face.  Only a couple of my hairs came along with it.

I’m saving my rooster feather in a lovely glass bottle so I can appreciate it’s beauty daily without actually wearing it. I thought about gently laying the rooster feather on top of a feather bed pillow so it could be with friends, but somehow that seemed inadequate. I wanted to try to do something nice for a feather that went through a lot before getting clamped into my hair!
Heather says she thinks the fad will be over around November, at least for feathers with bright colors. Then, Heather says… “The trend will be for more ‘muted’ shades.”

I definitely had a fun experience, but hair feathers are not going to be a permanent part of MY personal repertoire.

Now, let’s backtrack a bit…I wanted to know MORE about the feathers and how they were obtained. Heather said, “Are you SURE you want to know?” I said I did and this is what I found out.

Roosters are harvested for their feathers and most of them die.  Roosters live about a year while their saddle feathers – the ones on the bird’s backside and the most popular for hair extensions – grow as long as possible.  Then the animal is euthanized. (I did not like this information.) Heather told me it is a painful process to extract the feathers from the rooster and usually the roosters are euthanized when they have enough feathers and then the feathers are extracted.

After reading of the cruelty to Roosters to obtain ‘hair feathers’ I decided I’m definitely not a fan.  I did however; find out that synthetic feathers ARE available if you are not a purest but still want the look!  You can find synthetic feathers at craft stores, beauty supply stores and even on!  These synthetic feathers are far cheaper and no unsuspecting critters have suffered for the beautification of your hair!  Plus, they are died to look exactly like authentic rooster feathers!  If you are interested in ‘simulated feathers’, just type in, “Synthetic Hair Faux Feather Hair Extensions” on the Internet and you’ll find what you are looking for easily!

How many of you are doing feather’s in your hair? Fake?

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