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Many thanks go out to the fantastic and lovely Linsey for hooking Megsmakeup up with Repelle Hair Color Stain Sheild!

Meg here, you all know have to color my hair every two weeks due to my fabulous grays! Good times! Well, I don’t know if blondes have more fun but I do know coloring their hair is much easier on their hairline and ear lobes. It’s not as noticeable as having dark brown dye coating your neck and forhead. I know the trick to take some conditioner and run it along my hairline and lobes but it gets so runny and is frankly, such a pain in the ass. I used to do it though.

My friend Fred would come pick me up for dinner and say “What happened to your head? Were you coloring your hair drunk again?” Actually, little tipsy but no, not drunk and yes I still stain my skin stone cold sober!

It was with great anticipation I excitedly opened the Repelle box for the girls to see at our mailing! I was squealing in delight! Desertdoll is blonde, she doesn’t need these-she let me have hers! The ladies looked at me a little strange, I was going insane over getting to try these and they were like “Um, we just distributed a $150 eyecream, these are $5.99”

The $5.99 price makes this product even better, plus you get 8-10 uses out of it. Because the blondes were nonplussed I tried to look out for my brunette hair dying sisters out there.

The test? Did it work? It was so easy, almost like a glue stick for your face. Not sticky, and no, you can’t attach things to yourself-but you get the idea. It was easy breezey and I ended up with stain free skin.

It worked so well I will be confident enough to dye under the influence.

Ladies, what did you think of Repelle? Do you have enough faith in it to go dark sable?

Repelle- Buy it Here!

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