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Jeanasina here! Hello ladies of the shower generation! I’m here to talk about shower caps! You know what I’m talking about (at least a lot of you should)…those pink, light blue, sometimes white, plastic shower caps that fit on your head nice and snug! Sometimes they even provide them free in hotels for your showering enjoyment! It usually has an extremely unattractive piece of nasty elastic around the edge to keep it on your head and to keep the humid moisture off of your hair! The elastic and the plastic are sewn tight against the edge. They do that so the ‘scratchy’ edge will remind you that you are wearing the cap so you won’t accidentally leave the bathroom and mindlessly go outside to get the mail with it on! The neighbors would be saying “OM MY GOSH – HAROLD! WILL YOU LOOK AT LULU OUTSIDE IN HER SHOWER CAP!” Just so you know,I’m wearing mine now as I type this so I can take one for the team…The Shower Cap wearing team. Nothing says “I’m getting my freak on!” like sitting naked on a desk chair in front of my computer with a plastic shower cap pulled down tight over my cranium! I’m not saying I’m actually doing that though.

Back in the old days when I was young, all women wore shower caps! Man, we had some well coiffed hairstyles and they were meant to last for several days! You paid a lot of money for a stiff flip or Grecian curls on the top of your head! No way – would you take a full on shower and allow the water to damage your wind proof tower of hair! I remember one of my hairstyles for a prom (apparently that’s an old people’s word these days). Anyway, I had curls on top of my head AND the biggest, hardest, crunchiest FLIP imaginable! Oh honey, I had a hat head the likes of you have never seen! When I think back to that occasion all I can think of now is…HOW THE HELL COULD MY DATE STAND DANCING SLOW WITH ME AND PUTTING HIS FACE RIGHT ON MY ROCK HARD MEGA HAIRSPRAYED FLIPPED UP HAIR? That just about kills me to think of it! Kiss If your date tried to run his hand through your hair two things happened…he got his hand stuck and you yelled “Don’t! Don’t mess up my hair!”
Years later nobody wore them – it just wasn’t done! You tied your hair up on top of your head if you didn’t want to get it wet and if you had short hair, well, you’d try to aim the shower as low as possible to keep your hair dry. For awhile nobody would be caught dead wearing a shower cap! People would snicker if they caught you and then tell all their friends! Total geek or elder person were just about the only people who wore them anymore.

Well somewhere along the line, I apparently started wearing a shower cap again. There is one in my bathroom and I know it doesn’t belong to my Harley Husband so I must have brought it with me when we moved in together! I don’t have the actual memory of purchasing a shower cap but I use the thing.

It’s not attractive to look at and it sure isn’t attractive on my head! When did I go back to covering my hair up with that thing when I shower now?

You can attempt to cute up your act by purchasing a funky fun shower cap with flowers, dots, lips, bows and all kinds of crazy decorations on them! I saw them priced from 1.00 to $34.99 on-line! As absolutely unforgiving shower caps can be in the ‘looking good’ department, apparently at least one famous person thinks shower caps are a ‘look’ to be seen in! I read an article on the Internet and there as clear as day in a photo was Rapper Snoop Dogg arriving in Paris, France wearing a bright blue shower cap! It was his headgear of choice that day!

So honey, if he can go to Paris in a shower cap and it looked like it wasn’t a high price model – well maybe I should give my shower cap a little more respect and not feel it is such a downer on my looks whenever I put it on to shower! Maybe I’m actually smokin’ hot with this thing on! I think Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl might have a very upper crust shower cap! I’d love to see it wouldn’t you?! It’s probably got a big bow on it or maybe a pearl broach!

I have a friend who flew to New York to spend a sizzling weekend with an attorney she knows. Up front this guy was all suits and a flashy car. He had a beautiful apartment and liked to eat a fine restaurants. Her first day there, he said “I’m going to go take a shower before we go out.”. She sat waiting for him to come out of the bathroom. When he did, he was lifting weights in one hand, placing Crest white strips on his teeth with the other while wearing a pink shower cap pulled tight over his hair! My friend said she couldn’t stop laughing and it pretty much killed the mood of the much anticipated romantic evening for her. She can’t even talk about it without splitting a gut with laugher! He didn’t like the fact that she thought he looked hysterical and told her he didn’t want to mess up his hair or get it wet! She said he went from a possible 10 to a 1 in seconds flat on her date meter! So there you have it! All kinds of people use shower caps!

Tell me about yours ladies!

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