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I’m sorry, Krista fans, she’s going to be really busy, every other week we’re trading off on Hump Days. So you’re stuck with thin-haired, oily scalp, dry-end Meg. OOh I forgot to add Grey Hair Prone! See, I really do have it all! In fact, just the other night HOM said to me“Are you going to color your hair soon? You’re starting to look like Paulie from the Soprano’s”. Aw, so sweet, HOM says the darndest things! I hope his bruises are healing up.

Yes, I started sprouting grey hairs at the ripe old age of sixteen. Emilie used to sit behind me in study hall and every once in a while I would feel a yank and hear her say “Meg, awesome! I got another one! Look how silver this one is”! All been down hill from there.

Frank and Rita were kind enough to send me their Quick Tint Instant Root Touch Up Pen.“QuickTint comes in a convenient “click-pen” applicator. Simply twist the end of the pen to load the brush with color, then apply the product sparingly to the roots wherever they are most visible, at your hairline, in your part, or at the temples (fading), and comb through with the small comb/brush supplied”.

This is a very good item to have in my arsenal. I have a wicked widow’s peak (haha who’s laughing now HOM)? It’s at the very tip and pointy part that

turns to white. It doesn’t even have the same texture of my otherwise soft, flat thin hair. No, my grey hairs take on a pubic hair consistency. I know, I am one lucky lady. Anyhow they’re coarse and tend to stick straight up. I was between color jobs and about to run out the door for a dinner and saw 3 white, pubic like hairs standing straight up off my head. I can’t pluck them out. I only have like 30 strands of hair as it it.

I grabbed the Quick Tint and am happy to report back my hairline was saved for the evening! The pen dispersed the matching color and I was easily able to color right over those suckers. Quick Tint is water-proof to boot so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain and having Tint Face.

Anyone else blessed with so much wisdom it shows? Have you used Quicktint? Any hints?

Buy It Here!

I’ve just been informed via email from many megs members that they don’t have cable and don’t know who Paulie from Soprano’s is. Well, there I am. Thanks HOM! So sweet.

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