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profoundbeautyLadies and gentlemen! May I have your attention please! It’s Jeanasina’s Body Beautiful Wednesday and have I got some products for YOU! If you are wearing a hat, babushka, or ski mask today to attempt to hide hair you feel is not appropriate for the human eye to observe – people – release your hair! I’m here to tell you there is a company called profoundbeauty and they are specialists when it comes to hair dilemmas! If we were in the south I would surely declare that I am here to testify! That’s right – I am giving a huge “Amen!” to a product I tried this week that rocked out my hair totally!

I know you are riveted right now and I can’t say I blame you because sisters …I am here to tell you that one amazing company called profoundbeauty has impressed the blazing daylights out of me! Our lovely sister Megan sent to me a box which contained THREE – let’s count them together – THREE awesome products in one box! The products in the box are called “Desert Volume” which is a 3 step system designed to hush frizz, enhance volume and deliver clean, humidity free texture to your hair!

Now for those of you not interested in volume, allow me to tell you at this time that this wonderful company makes two other styling kits! There is also an Arctic Straight Kit and a Tropical Curl Kit! They have ALL the sisters covered! I would love to try all three kits just based on the outstanding results I had with the Desert Volume kit! You can of course, purchase individual products also, but these kits just are such a good deal! It’s like getting one product free!

On the box it says “Idea for anyone who desires incredible, all over volume, with texture and separation.” I just know that my hair has been so flat lately that Popeye could easily mistake me for Olive Oyl! You remember how totally FLAT her hair was? The first thing I did was wash my hair and condition it as usual. As our story continues, I put in the first step – the Volume Foam. If any of you have ever used Aveda’s phomollient, the profoundbeauty volume foam is somewhat like Aveda’s product only SO SO much better! The Aveda phomollient always kinda made my hair feel dirty and weighed down and I would have to wash it the very next day plus I wasn’t a fan of the scent. With the profound beauty volume foam I found first of all that it smelled SO fresh and clean! The application was easy and let me tell you – I LOOOOOOOOOOVED what it did to my hair. It’s light and airy! I also put in the Desert Frizz Zero Mousse which inhibits frizz formation and styled my hair as usual! My husband heard me say “WOW!!!!!!” several times as I looked at my final results in the mirror! My hair honestly looked like I just got it blown out at the salon! I didn’t even use my flat iron to seal up the ends! Absolutely fabulous results and tons of VOLUME!! I was no longer Flathaired Frita of Frizzmaniaville! I just loved the volume in my hair and was totally delighted after just using the Volume Foam and Frizz Zero Mousse but I also played around with the Desert Texture Spray that comes with the kit. With the Desert Texture Spray you spray it on dry hair 8 to 10 inches away for texture. I was able to separate my different colored strands of foiled hair using this spray so that the colors really stood out!

At the present time the company is offering LIMITED EDITION STYLING KITS. Here’s what they say on their website: “Make temperamental tresses a thing of the past with Profound Beauty’s new Limited Edition Styling Kits for voluminous, straight and curly hair. Be the best-tressed at every special event with these 3-piece collections designed to achieve your best hair ever”. Each Styling Kit contains one product from the following categories:
HUSH: To control frizz without weighing your hair down.
STYLIST: For style that is uniquely yours – voluminous,
straight or curly.
ATMOSPHERE: To mimic the best weather conditions for your hair.
Just read what the company’s press release said!…
Profound Beauty lets you transport your hair to exotic locales without leaving home.

Profound Beauty introduces three new Holiday Style Kits to help create the perfect holiday ‘do! With each representing a different climate from Profound Beauty’s ATMOSPHERE collection, you can take your hair on a holiday vacation to an arctic, tropical or desert locale from the comfort of your own home.

Profound Beauty’s exclusive Holiday Style Kits offer the perfect assortment of products to create any style:
Linear (Arctic Straight Kit)
Volume (Desert Volume Kit)
Curl (Tropical Curl Kit)

Each kit begins by eliminating frizz and flyaways with a HUSH frizz-fighting product, included free in each kit as Profound Beauty’s gift to you. Then STYLIST allows you to create your ideal look, with products for straight, voluminous or curly styles. Finally, ATMOSPHERE helps transport your hair to its ideal climate. Take hair to the chilly, low humidity climate of the Arctic for a sleek, smooth look with high shine, the dry, low humidity climate of the desert for a piece-y, windblown texture, or the hot, moist climate of the tropics for body and shine, minus the frizz.

Arctic Straight Kit: SRP $58
HUSH Time-Out Treatment
STYLIST Linear Serum

These WONDERFUL products totally speak for themselves! Just one try and I was blown away with pure delight at the results! I tried them all again a second time to be SURE they were that good and THEY WERE THAT GOOD! Oh!! And the next day – my hair STILL had great body and bounce! The website is great too – check it out! There are 7 pages of testimonials! You can fill out their “Find your routine” questions and it will help you zero in on what products would be best for your personal hair needs! If you want to work the room with your beautiful hair – you need to allow these products to envelope your tresses! These products really deliver! I gotta go now before my Harley Husband starts chasing me around the house asking me for my autograph. I really do have diva hair today!

Who else has tried these amazing products?

Check it out here!

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