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Meg here to bring you Prive’ the oh so posh line from the incredible Prive salons and the celeb hair master Laurent D himself! I know so many die hards for this exclusive herbal based line. If you can’t afford to sit in Laurent D’s chair then atleast you can use his brilliant formulations!

I’ve made peace with my hair. It’s probablly my worst feature, well hmmm, okay ties with my top lip but I’m not going to obsess. Anyhow, I use to think I was JLO. No really, I use to spend over $500 a month on my hair. Keep in mind I am not a celebrity or royalty. I just would try everything in the search for “great hair” Expensive cuts,colors and highlights- extensions, custom made hair clips. The list is so insane. When Britney shaved her head I was really hoping she had started a trend.

I decided to not admit defeat but admit I was nuts. I went cold turkey and my hair doesn’t look any worse for it. I have thin straight hair. It needs to be trimmed for split ends -thats it. I’m a brunette. I’ve been ever color under the sun and my life was no better with any shade. I’ve cut out the pricey colors and highlights and grab a box of hair color close to my natural shade from CVS. Looks pretty much the same as when I’d drop the $300 to sit in a chair.
The extensions I paid $500 for? Well, they looked nice but I’d have a headache everytime I went to get them tightened-(another $200) and they ended pulling out or breaking what little already thin natural hair I had.

With all the money I’m saving I can feel good about indulging in top quality products! If I’m going to style myself I should atleast be able to treat myself with the same tools the elite stylists use. I was lucky enough to chose Prive’s root amplifier. What girl with thin, straight hair could turn away from a herbal blend that “delivers excellent volume and control?” I towel dried my hair and applied this spritz at te root area before I blow dryed. The smell was incredible! Its a blend of quillaja and rosemary and it smells like natural luxury. It’s quality through and through. My lifeless tresses took on a new attitude and once I finished with a round brush I looked salon quality. Hows that for saving money without looking any less for it?

Ladies please post what Prive product you were lucky enough to try and if it made you feel like a million?

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