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conceptvertSweetassgal here having quite the difficult time following Meg’s piece on the tragic demise of Ms. Murphy and our nation of “Club Med” devotees.  Wow…what a powerful piece of journalism that was.  I intentionally use the word “journalism” and not “blogging” because Merriam Webster defines journalism in section 2.c as “writing designed to appeal to current popular taste or public interest” and though we typically blog about makeup, I truly believe that piece transcended blogging and went straight to respectable journalism.  God love you Meg for being the woman you are and having the guts, humor and humility to put it all out there.

For me, times of tragedy and especially of death bring upon strong feelings of reflection and self assessment.  The notion that today could be my last, the thought that addiction could over come me as well, the possibility that these very words I type in just seconds could be the last record of my thoughts, hopes and dreams.  I am no better than the wretch dying in the streets of heroine addiction and no worse than the most pious of men eschewing all of the trappings of this world.  We are all human and as such are capable of falling from grace and making bad decisions that literally could mean the end of our lives.  Considering the indefinite period of time we are all given on this earth how do we cope with the inevitable tragedies and heartaches that pepper our existence?  Simply put…We do the best we can.

I always feel better about myself and my outlook on life when I think outside my own pities and think of the greater good.  Volunteering at the animal shelter, making a meal or a special quilt for my family, finding great new natural and green friendly products to share with the bright and beautiful women of  That’s my coping mechanism and it helps me get through life’s little hurdles and come out with a smile.  It may sound basic but writing Green Chi Tuesdays and sharing make up love that is good for the earth is a buzz NO pill can provide!  That’s why it absolutely thrills me when I find products in a line that I can exclaim, without hesitation…THIS STUFF JUST ROCKS!!!!

Prive Concept Vert Rejuvenating Pure Conditioner
is the PERFECT counterpart to the flat out amazing Prive Concept Shampoo!  There is NOTHING, I repeat nothing I don’t LOVE about this dynamic duo.  Adding to last weeks review I worked in the conditioner and spent one more week without any extra product at all!  I even went to my company’s holiday party that way.  I’m devoted ladies…a la muerte!  

Like the shampoo this conditioner needs very, very little to work.  I’m literally talking a nickel sized amount for my nearly shoulder length hair.  Too much and you may be left with a case of the oilies.  The scent is so beautifully herbal without being sickly or overpowering AT ALL and you’ll love how it just tickles your senses.  I was able to run my comb through my hair with ease and no tugging at nasty tangles.  A warm rinse followed by a cool one and it was off to air dry for the day.  All day and even into the second I had soft hair, relaxed definition and I’ll admit a little frizzing around the top of my head which is where I tend to play with my hair the most.  Touching = frizzing so keep your hands OUT of your curly hair if you can help it.  Ahem…that goes for you too boys!  My husband knows better than to even THINK of touching my hair during its “critical drying phase”!  Hands off Bucko!!!

Next I’m going to try Prive’s Curl Activating Crème that is meant to battle just those frizzies I was talking about to see if it’s a Prive Trifecta for me.  Luckily there are at least 6 salons in the Roseville / Granite Bay area that carry the line so I can pop in after the holidays and check it out for a review in 2010!  Wow…2010.  Weren’t we supposed to be driving flying cars and battling the Resistance for inter-planetary domination by now?  No thanks.  I’ll take a world that gives me the natural brilliance of Laurent D from Prive packaged up in recyclable and nasty chem-free perfection instead.  

One interesting result of my two week test…I’ve noticed as I’m showering and combing out my hair that I’m losing less than I was previously.  It’s quite noticeable for me (sorry for the grody description pending) because I don’t want to clog up my drain so I pull the loose ends from my hair and ball them up with what comes out of my comb and slap it on the wet shower door until I finish and can throw it away.  I’m usually staring at what looks to be a small drowned but lovely blonde highlighted vermin.  Now it just looks like a small hair pinwheel.  Could I be the only one experiencing that?  I hope not because the more hair I can keep in my head the better!

I know this is spendy but honestly, if you compare the $14 I was paying on my last conditioner which required 4 or 5 BIG pumps to fully condition then comparatively speaking I don’t think it works out to much more money.  Plus the added warm fuzzy of knowing I can bring back the bottle for recycling helps me feel better about myself by helping the world.  Another one of those pesky little coping mechanisms I was talking about.  If I can have beautiful hair (and more of it) while still feeling like I’m making a difference then I say why the hell NOT!  GLAM ON!!

You really have to try this! If this didn’t piece convince you to then how about raves from Oprah, WWD, Allure, InStyle, Self and Bazaar as “Editor’s Favorite’s”

Buy It Here!

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