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Serendipity. I’m not sure if that’s quite the right word, but sometimes something comes along totally unexpectedly that you’re prepared not to like, or want, or need. And it turns out to be the be-all end-all. (Like primer – who knew? It seems like such a ridiculous and unnecessary step, but once you try it, you can’t imagine life without it.)

I used to spend my weekends researching hair products trying to find the one miracle cure that would change my life. Now I’ve got a storage unit full of hair products and to pick and choose from. Some I can’t wait to get my hands on. My expectations run high – this is it! This is the one! And often, I’m disappointed. Others sit there unused for months. There aren’t any bells and whistles; no shiny packaging, no expectations running high. Then it turns out to be just the thing I didn’t know I needed.

It was kinda like this with BFOK. We’d known each other as acquaintances for a couple of years. I’d always thought we’d get along well and make great friends, but I’d never considered anything beyond that. After an ill-planned and short-lived marriage in my twenties, I’ve spent most of my adult life single. I’m not very good at dating – I’d have to remind myself that I’m single and that’s what single people do: date. I’d get complacent and comfortable being happily content with my single life and forget that I’m supposed to be out there, looking, flirting, trying to find a catch, or whatever it is that single people are supposed to do. Relationships, in my past experience, can be a lot of work without a lot of payback. (Hmmm…. jaded much?) So I’d more or less resigned myself to being single. No regrets.

Then BFOK showed up one night at a party. I’d actually been forewarned. A psychic had told me that a wonderful man who was really good for me was just around the corner. Uh-huh. Right. (In retrospect, if she was on to this tidbit of information, could she not have warned me about the crazy baby momma bizatch that came with the package? That would have been a good thing to know in advance.) He appeared before me and I had this amazing sense of clarity and calm. Here he was, perfectly designed to be the man in my life, crazy baby momma bizatch and all.

But I digress. All kinds of things show up on my doorstep – boxes of goodies, I mean. Treatments, elixirs, balms, masks, gels, cleansers. Some I tear into immediately and can’t wait to slather on, spray on, wash with, soak in. Others I can’t get that excited about. They are the ones I would pass right on by at a trip to Sephora or at a salon. And just when I’m not expecting it, there it is: the holy grail of hair.

I’d heard of the line called PRAWduct before. I actually thought it was a line of products for dogs. I think it’s the name. For some reason, I see “paw” instead of “raw”, so I thought it was, like, organic dog food or grooming products or something.

They’re made by a guy in LA who calls himself the “Kitchen Beautician”. His name is Robert Hallowell, but he signs everything “RAWbert”. Kinda nutty, IMO. It’d be like if I started a line of wrist braces and called myself kWRISTa. Nutty or not, RAWbert has created an amazing line. All of the products have “kitchen” ingredients like fennel, chamomile, rosemary, apple, grapefruit, etc. But they are also packed with ‘cones. Trimethicone, dimethicone, cyclomethicone, you name it. Yum, yum, yum. Who doesn’t love them some ‘cones? I’m all on board for sulfate-free, salt-free, and silicone-free products. Everything has its place. But nothing compares to the lush, viscous silkiness of silicone. I love it; my hair loves it more.

I’ve been using Love That Shine Treatment Elixir leave-in conditioner, then The Flat Factor Straightening Balm, followed by Love That Shine Drops Ultimate Shine. I fell in love immediately, and fell hard. It was totally unexpected; perhaps even serendipitous. But now I can’t imagine life without them.

(And, PS, my seven year-old niece wants to say that Love That Shine Treatment Elixir made her hair “verrry soft and verrry shiny”.) J

Ladies has any item come into your life by chance that you now cannot live without?


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