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phytoMeg here! It’s probably a no brainer to hear that woman get excited when I tell them about There are few topics that get us as animated as when we start talking products. I was at a party and I met Megsjester’s friend Mikaela Hoover.

Mikaela is an actress here in Hollywood and spends a lot of time in the makeup chair. She just finished a stint on the show “How I Met Your Mother” and knows so much about beauty products I was in awe. Usually when I tell woman that I write beauty they ask me what I like. This was not the case with Mikaela. It was refreshing actually, sometimes I get all product talked out!

Oh my gosh! You know what product changed my life! I love it so much! You have to tell the Meg Heads about these Phyto Dietary supplements. I am obsessed with them!

I’ve never tried them.

Mikaela went on and on about how amazing they were that I have written it down for a Sephora stop. She wanted to spread her love for them. I have to tell you. The girls got great hair, skin and nails so I feel comfortable being a witness that she speaks the truth!

Meg: Why don’t you write why you love them and send it to me and I’ll let everyone know?

Mikaela Hoover here! I discovered these miracle supplements two years ago.  I have always longed for long luscious hair that would at least grow past my shoulders but my hair just didn’t want to grow. I had tried everything.  Lots of different hair supplements, vitamins, I even altered my diet.  When nothing worked I resorted to hair extensions.  They looked nice but they were very expensive! It also took me twice as long to dry and style my hair in the morning.  Just when I thought I would be stuck with short, brittle dry hair for the rest of my life a lady at my salon suggested I try Phytophanere dietary supplements.

I was pretty desperate so I went to Sephora to buy pills that day. They were around $50.00 which is a lot, but like I said…I was desperate.  After only two weeks I started noticing big changes.  My nails grew the longest they had ever been and my skin looked so much healthier. I have always had extremely dry skin and the supplements seemed to not only hydrate my skin but they also added a little glow.  After about a month, my hair had grown more in 2 months than it had in the last two years. I was completely sold.  I have been taking the supplements ever since and I could not be happier with the results.  I get complements on my hair and skin all the time. 

When I talked to Meg about writing this blog a couple weeks ago I decided to stop taking the pills to see if there really was an extreme difference.  I am telling you that in those few weeks I felt like I looked like a different person.  My hair started getting dry and brittle and splitting at the ends. My skin looked super dehydrated.  My eyelashes also seemed less full.  It seems strange but my mood changed a little too, for the worst.  I had less energy.

I started taking the Phyto pills again on Saturday and I am already noticing a change.  If you have ever longed for long luscious Kardashian like hair, fuller lashes, strong long nails, and glowing skin get this product! Its been a miracle worker for me and it is more than worth the money.  I just wished I had discovered them much sooner!

Thanks for the tip Mikaela! I’m ready to order a carton! Who else has tried these and had luck with them? They get great reviews all over the web!

Buy it here!

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