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Jeanasina here and as our story begins I was sauntering around in an Ulta store one day. I had in my hand all the valuable purchases I was specifically there to buy, when suddenly, without warning, I was compelled to go to the massive hair product isles located in the back of the store! Let’s be clear here; there was really no REASON for me to even be in this section of the store.

Well, before you could say “Leave the store hag!!” I found myself mesmerized by the picture on a box of Paul Mitchell “Moisture” hair care products! There, attempting to have eye contact with me, was a compelling stunner of a blond woman with these big sexy eyes – man, I’m a woman, but this little sex kitten was practically screaming at me to stop and look at how fantastic she looked on that box! Oh honey…I wanted to look like her in a big way! I pretended in my imagination for a few moments that by using whatever product was inside the box that her face was plastered on; that maybe, JUST MAYBE I could look like that! Age would reverse within a few days and, oh I’d be living the good life!

But reality set in and so I thought well, she, the sultress on the box, caught my eye with her adorable blond haircut (also fantasized I would look good in this cut…) so I should really see what’s inside the box she’s on! Now, please remember that I am a life-time member of the Pureology hair care fan club so really…nothing will outsmart those products in my estimation.

I reached into the box and pulled out the 3 containers. First I opened the Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo and sucked the smell up into the deepest membranes of my nostrils! FRESH!!! Then I opened the Instant Moisture Daily Treatment and since this is in more of a tube I did the squeeze and smell. Then while looking to my right and then my left, similar to the way covert operatives for the FBI are seen doing on TV, I took the cap off the Awapuhi Moisture Mist and I did an illegal spray and smell right there in the isle! The products all met my standards for purchasing them even though I didn’t need these products in my estimation!

When I got home and my Pureology products saw what I had in the bag, they were disgusted and I think I heard the word ‘traitor’ as they inched their way on to the back of the shelf facing away from me so they wouldn’t see me bringing these hair care strangers into our home. I quickly ran to the basement to my laboratory and wet my hair down and then brought out the Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo. Right out the gate I could tell that this was to be no lie (the part on the packaging that says “Hydrates & revives”! DEFINITELY noticed a difference as I shampooed!!! My hair almost felt limp and when I washed out the shampoo – I could run my fingers through it already! Not that I did that for any length of time while shouting out words of compelling pleasure! I applied the P.M. Instant Moisture Daily Treatment – left it on as indicated and again…my hair shafts felt so smooth and like new all the way to the ends! My comb ran right through my hair!

After I dried it and styled it I was amazed at how SILKY it was! I kept thinking, “This is quite remarkable!” I really didn’t expect to think that! I loved how my hair turned out after I blew it dry and flat ironed it! Even the ends were dreamy smooth! For the final flair and to keep me in the mood, I gave myself a spritz of the Awapuhi Moisture Mist! I didn’t dare go out of the house for fear the neighborhood men would come flocking to ask if they could touch my hair!

So lovelies, every one of you….IF you have any kind of hair that makes people constantly get your attention by saying… “Hey Freakshow Clownhair head!” I think these products are you for you! They really add moisture! I paid a little over $12.00 for the three. I alternate using the Paul Mitchell moisture products with my Pureology Hydrating products. I don’t want any kind of an altercation to take place between the two brands so I keep them on separate shelves in the bathroom! I don’t look like the smoldering lady on the box after using this stuff but my hair really looks like I’m having an incredibly good hair day every time I use it!

If you look on the Paul Mitchell website you can read further details on each of the tree products I talked about here today!  There is also a link where you enter in your zip code and by doing that you will be able to find the closest salon near your particular location that carries these great MOISTURE products!


Any other Paul Mitchell Moisture fans out there?

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