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Hi Ladies! It’s Jeanasina here and I’ve had yet another hair compulsion moment that I am compelled to share with you. Let’s start out by singing a revamped version of a camp song…ready.? You’ll pick up the tune soon and can sing right along with me…here we go…”If you love coconut and you know it wash your hair, if you love coconut and you love it, wash your hair…if you love coconut and you know it, don’t be afraid to show it…if you love coconut and you love it wash your hair!” Why am I singing my whacked out version of that tune? Why am I promoting coconut? So here’s the deal…

As our story continues, I was walking down an isle at our new and improved Walmart store which had hair products specifically designed for ethnic hair. I didn’t even notice that fact, but what I DID see was that Palmer’s had a hair care line that was all about COCONUT!!! Let me backtrack a bit here. I have a friend and she and her entire family use daily and swear by Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lotion. I mean to tell you that every single time I see her, and hug her, my first thought is….”My God! Your skin is always so soft!” She of course tells me for the billionth time that it’s the Palmer’s brand lotion she uses. She swears nothing else is as good. So…I did go out and purchase Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lotion and it does remarkable great things for your skin but I just personally cannot get past the cocoa butter fragrance on me so I passed it on to my Harleyman Husband who thinks it’s just right! So…armed with the knowledge that Cocoa butter by Palmer’s rocks out skin, when I saw that Palmer’s makes COCONUT products for the hair…well honey,.., let me tell you, I HAD to stop and read the labels! It did not matter to me who this product might be designed for specifically, the fact that it had the word COCONUT in prominent letters on the container just said to me “YOU ARE GOING TO WANT THIS!”

Then I bet you know what happened next. Two sounds. Plunk! Plunk. Those were the sounds of the shampoo and conditioner landing in my cart. Somebody stop me! Throughout my Walmart visit I kept telling myself I don’t need to buy these two products but when I opened the caps again to reacquaint myself with the fragrance, well, even though I hadn’t even tried them yet, I found myself screaming out loud (in my head) YES! YES! YES! Even in the check out line I felt guilty about wanting to try these, but I didn’t care…the scent of COCONUT was involved!

And that’s how this review began. This morning, I took a shower and yes, I took the two containers of Palmer’s Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner into the shower with me. The shampoo of course smelled delicious and while purring like a contented cat during my hair washing maneuvers, I was aware that it shampooed well and my favorite part? When I rinsed out the shampoo my hair squeaked! I love a squeaky clean result! Then came the conditioner…I’m throwing my head back in supplication as I remember how lovely it went on my head and again, how wonderful my hair felt when I rinsed it out. I really shouldn’t do that because I have arthritis in my neck and what if my neck bone gave way at the moment my head was titled back and it stayed that way! Holy fright night!!! I don’t know if people would enjoy looking at my silky hair if my head was tilted back like a broken bobble head 24/7! Oh dear! Don’t try this at home ladies and gentlemen!

Besides the fact that total euphoria happens to me over coconut envelopment, I let my hair air dry. For those of you that don’t know me, I NEVER do that because my hair always looks frizzy and unattractive. So 90% of the time I do the entire hair drying, round brush, flat iron routine. But right now, I have air dried my wavy hair and…it’s very silky and almost looks like some of the TV ads where you envy the wavy haired woman with the magnificent hair! Almost! I wish Palmer’s would make Coconut lotion!

Both products were $4.57 each! There are about 5 products in this Coconut line. The one other that totally intrigued me was just a little packet which was Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack! Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack is a once a week intensive conditioning treatment formulated with Pure Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E to restore and replenish hair that is in need of more then just your daily conditioner. Doesn’t that sound fantastic! It was about $1.99!!!! I’m sure I’ll be on another covert mission in Walmart to pick up that still-beckoning-to-me-conditioning-pack as well as maybe the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula With Vitamin E Shine Serum Hair Polisher to try out. But that’s it!…really.!..I think. Come on! This has got to be it!

I found this information off of the Internet… Palmer’s Coconut Formula Conditioning shampoo: A blend of the finest natural coconut oil and vitamin e, it’s gentle cleansing, neutralizing base helps to soften dry, brittle hair. Maybe be used on permed, pressed or bleached hair.
Palmer’s Coconut conditioner: Smooth and repair dry, damaged hair with the Polynesian secret for beautiful hair – pure coconut oil. This natural conditioner from the tropics strengthens and seals hair’s cuticle, moisturizes and softens hair, shines all day. Pure coconut oil is combined with keratin and panthenol to strengthen and improve the hair so that hair is silky and manageable, full of body and bounce, straighter with less frizz.”

Have you amazing ladies tried these products? Did you like them? My vote is to try them...I think you could be pleasantly surprised. I do realize on both products I reviewed recently that TIME will tell what they do to your hair in the long run. I’m currently alternating my high buck treasured shampoos and conditioners with my less expensive yet compelling products like this one! My hair does feel pretty silky if I do say so myself!

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