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Welcome for her first Hump Day Hair Day!

Katehrm777 here, to hopefully share some of my hair wisdom that a lifetime of varying hair disasters has provided.

Children can be extremely cruel sometimes. As a wee young lass, I had ringlet curls that with age turned increasingly into an enormous puff ball that could not be tamed. Hairdressers swore they had never seen such texture before and had no idea how to work with it. My mother could not even figure out how to get it into a ponytail. My friends often commented that I looked like a lion. But nothing compared to the trauma that would ensure on the last day of school of sixth grade.

I had ordered a brand spanking new blue vinyl skirt and vest set from the American Girl catalogue (why? That is not relevant to this story and thus I do not have to answer for my horrifying sixth grade fashion sense). I wanted to wear it on the last day of school and I waited anxiously for it to arrive. It finally arrived and I went to school full of pride and happiness in my “cute” new outfit. Then on the bus ride home my brother’s friend announced to the entire bus that I looked like an enormous blue condom with pubic hair coming out of the top. My hair was never to be worn curly again (nor was the blue vinyl outfit). That summer I found my first flat iron, got my hair chemically relaxed and my hair has not been seen au natural in public since.

However getting my hair straight involves a several hour long process of protein and condition treatments, blow drying and flat ironing so I try to wash my hair as little as possible. However I also love the look of freshly washed, clean hair. What’s a girl to do? Enter Oscar Blandi Pronto dry shampoo!

Here’s what Oscar Blandi has to say about Pronto:
“This hair reviver is a busy girl’s best friend: it refreshes your hair and scalp in between washings, so you can touch up your tresses without the use of water.”

I simply apply a little bit of Pronto to my roots by parting my hair in several locations and then shake it through the rest of my hair and my hair looks just washed! As an added bonus, for those of us who are not exactly natural blondes, Pronto helps to minimize appearance of dark roots in between colors. And despite the white color of the powder, it works on the darkest of brunettes as well.

So ladies tell me..Has Pronto let anyone else go 2, 4, (gasp) 7 days between washes? Was anyone else permanently traumatized as a child into the beauty choices they make today?

Oscar Blandi Pronto Buy It Here!

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