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laccaHi guys! Kosborne here!  I’m not a huge hairspray girl. It might have something to do with growing up back East. You either love it or you hate it. I’ve been in the latter camp. Yet I have always realized spray was a necessary evil…for other people. For me, I was content to allow my flyaways to happen and for bangs to fall into my face. Until the day my mom checked out a pic of me on Facebook and finally told me, “You have got to do something about your hair. You look homeless.” It was those darned flyaways. And she was right, I looked a little like Ke$ha in the worst possible way. Long story short a friend turned me onto the Lacca from Oscar Blandi , which is sold by those lovely girls over at Lock & Mane. They recently reformulated the scent of the spray and it paid off. Instead of smelling all chemically and harsh, this spray smells like a jasmine floral bouquet.

It also doesn’t behave like the hairsprays I had encountered as a teen. It isn’t sticky. It holds without molding the hair to the head like a helmet and even after I applied it liberally I could still run my fingers through it. It was that light!

The other night I pulled my hair back into a high bun to go to a work event where it would be very uncool to show up looking “homeless” as my mother would say. My hair stayed in place for a solid 6 hours, the entire work event plus drinks afterwards with a very attractive gentleman.

I have to say I was duly impressed. What about you guys? Do you love hairspray? Hate it? What kind do you use?


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