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organixSummer is in full swing here in the Sac Valley and all I can say is….God BLESS Sweetassgal’s pool!  I love my pool.  I’m in it every day…even if it’s just a quick dip.  I’m a water baby and always will be.  In fact, 50 years from now I’ll probably be that funny little old lady at the public pool with her flower trimmed swimming cap, skirted swim dress and giant sunglasses kicking all the youngin’s butt’s in the lap swim lane.  I’ll be a cool old lady doing cannonballs and back flips in the backyard cement pond with my grandkids.  And I’ll NEVER tell them I can’t swim with them because I just got my hair done!
Of course this does bring up a good hair question.  How is my super dry hair fairing with all of this daily chlorine and sun exposure?  Answer…not too darn bad but not super great either.  I’ve had days where my hair literally feels like straw.  You know the sound that tissue paper makes when you crinkle it?  That’s what combing through my hair sounded like.  These are the days I pull out my precious bottles of Prive Shampoo and Conditioner that I hold in such high esteem.  Yes…the very same expensive product I reviewed back in December and LOVED.  It’s spendy but it lasts forever and ever and it works!  But since I like to try out new things for GCT then I put the Prive aside for times of extreme need and let something else step up to bat.  
Up for consideration is Organix’s Hydrating Tea Tree Mint Shampoo, Conditioner, Mist and Treatment.  I adore Tea Tree and Mint is welcome ANYWHERE in my beauty products. I get such an incredible sense of cooling and invigoration from them both.  When it’s 103 degrees outside and I can’t stand a hot, steamy shower then I tend to gravitate towards products that give me a cooling sense of relief.  And since I can’t exactly bathe in my pool, then I’ve got to replicate the effects in the shower.  The absolutely BEST thing I can say about this set is that it is truly cleansing, invigorating and really kick starts your mornings!  I swear I start singing “Walking on Sunshine” every time that minty scent hits my nose.  Not being a morning person…this is really incredible and I don’t get that from other hair products I’ve tried recently.
This is a very cleansing shampoo.  I think the combination of Peppermint and Tea Tree are very clarifying.  Considering the fact that I have dry hair it’s a little overkill for me but I would highly recommend it for the oily follicle set.  Next the conditioner.  It’s a respectable conditioner with the same refreshing scent that does hydrate and I believe brings a lot of shine to my hair.  My tangles didn’t come out as easy as they do with the Prive but once rinsed I loved the way my hair smells and I did find it to be easily managed.  This is a highly affordable product line and for just about $5 I really can’t complain.  
Reading online many like to purchase the Hydrating Treatment and supplement their conditioner with it.  This is an intriguing idea but I’m a little more captivated by the Hydrating Mist.  I’ve seen it online but haven’t found it in the store yet and I really want to dig this baby up.  Being a curly haired girl (and again…dry and frizzy) I think a hydrating mist would be an incredible addition to a summer refresh regime.  On those in-between days when your curls get dry and lack luster…I think a quick misting of conditioner would really bring some life back to my tresses.  A light mist, a scrunch of my curls and I can walk out the door without having to start from scratch every day.  At least that’s my hope.  If anyone knows where to pick up a bottle of this let me know and I’ll see if my dream vision lives up to reality!
I’ve reviewed Organix before so I won’t go into all of the technical stuff but I must say that for an affordable product line, so far all of their products seem to work well for the various needs. You’ve got to love an animal and eco-friendly line that doesn’t hit the wallet too hard and offers such great variety.  When I want extra moisture, then I’m back to my Coconut Milk Organix.  If I need clarifying, I’ll bust out the Tea Tree and Mint.  I’m a sucker for scents and these really deliver in that department.  In fact, they deliver well into the day.  If you layer scents this might be a problem for you but for someone like me who only wears perfume at night or when I go out then it’s perfect.  I love getting a whiff of Peppermint in the afternoon.  What a way to pick me up yet again!  Thanks Organix…GLAM ON!

Have you ladies tried Organix? What’s your go-to haircare?

Buy it at Drugstores like CVS!

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