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coconutmilk“If you like pina coladas, gettin’ caught in the rain”.  There, I’ve put the song in your head and now you’ll have to live with it all day!  Yes, Sweetassgal does like a pina colada now and then and I have NO problem getting caught in the rain.  In fact…I prefer it! And if by getting caught in the rain my hair gets a little wet and I get a fresh whiff of coconut infused shampoo then all the much better.  Add to that a shampoo that is sulfate and paraben free, has active organic ingredients and has packaging derived from renewable resources for right around $5 and I’d say you’ve got plenty of money left over to have a pina colada or two in the rain or just about any other place you may like.  Sing it Rupert…mama loves a good cheesy 70’s song sung at the top of my lungs!
Organix Beauty Pure and Simple Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo caught my eye at the store the other day as I was looking for an affordable organic shampoo that a friend of mine had told me about.  I couldn’t remember the name off the top of my head but I knew it came in fruity scents and had a smaller odd shaped bottle.  We were at Wally-World (I hate that place…people behave like mouth breathing troglodytes in Wal-Mart) getting Sweetassguy a hunting license and I thought I’d scope it out.  I did not find the brand I was looking for but I did find the Organix so I thought I’d give it a shot.  Per my daughters shopping MO I immediately flipped open the cap and gave it a good sniff.  Of course it smelled like gorgeous coconut which is perfect for the upcoming summer months so it was already off to a good start.  Off I went to shower and wash away dirt and oil without sulfates or parabens.
Being sulfate free automatically means there won’t be the kind of bubbles that make little kids squeal but there is enough lather for a great set of devil horns or a Mohawk…whatever tickles your fancy.  I attribute this to the whipped egg white ingredient present in the formula which, being a protein helps to strengthen your hair.  The lather foams and is very soft and silky feeling which is the coconut oil going to work washing away impurities and helping to hydrate your hair.  One thing is for sure, breathing in the decadent scent of coconut oil in the shower was definitely a great start to my day but it was eventually marred when I realized I was getting ready for work and not a day by the pool sipping cocktails.  Funny how the scent of coconut automatically puts you in a Jimmy Buffet/Margaritaville kind of mood!
When testing shampoo’s I don’t follow with a conditioner because I don’t want that to get in the way of how the shampoo actually performed on its own.  So I rinsed out the lovely scented lather and stepped out of the shower prepared to see what my unruly curls thought of the experience.  Let me start off by saying I have been INCREDIBLY spoiled these last 5 months by Meg.  Back in December I tested the Prive Shampoo and Conditioner to RAVE reviews.  The stuff is just incredible.  I have never, ever had hair as soft and curls as supple as I get with the Prive.  And yes, it is very expensive but I kid you not it’s almost June and I still have a tiny bit left!  I love it and I WILL go get the recyclable bottles refilled at the nearest salon.  But in the interim I wanted to try a super affordable organic that anyone could get at the store so here we are with the Organix Nurturing Coconut Oil shampoo.  
So coming off the heels of the pricey Prive the Organix has its work cut out for it.  First thing I noticed (and remember I didn’t use conditioner) was that my easily tangled curly hair wasn’t too difficult to comb through even sans a leave in.  So that’s props #1 for a really hydrating shampoo.  Second thing I noticed is that my curls seemed to be a little tighter than normal which seemed strange to me.  I’m really liking the looser look of my curls lately and have even been playing with getting the beachy look of soft and loose curls for the summer so this was a little bit of a backwards step for me there.  However, for those who want definition this is certainly prop #2 for the shampoo.  I let my hair air dry and went about my day.  Having no other product in my hair there is a bit of frizziness by mid day but my hair is still soft, very shiny and well hydrated.  I think following up with the paired Organix conditioner will help abate the frizziness but that’s a review for another day.
I’ll check back in a few days to see how it lasts day to day.  I must say that for a $5 shampoo this is a really hydrating product so if you are oily hair prone this might not be the shampoo for you.  They do have other more clarifying shampoos like a lovely Tea Tree Mint (dying to try for those build up removing days) which would work great for toning down the oil production but I’ve yet to try it so I can’t fully attest to that yet.  They also have other incredible scents like Mandarin Olive Oil, Cherry Blossom Ginseng, White Tea Grapeseed and Passion Fruit Guava!  Sounds like a trip to the tropics every time you shower.  YUM.  Isn’t it funny when your shampoo smells so great you could eat it?  You won’t…but it smells like you could!
Comparatively speaking the Prive is still the shining star of my shampoo arsenal but the Organix is a really good and affordable choice.  No sulfates and parabens is a huge plus and the great scent is a topper.  It can’t hurt to give it a try and see what you think.  Any time we can get those nasty additives out of our beauty products and still manage great hair then it’s a winner for everyone.  And at $5 a bottle you can afford to try out just about any scent you want.  Here’s to the $5 Organix Nourishing Coconut Oil Shampoo and the $5 happy hour Pina Colada that it will inspire.  One more time…IF YOU LIKE PINA COLADAS!  GLAM ON!


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