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dayatthebeachMeg hair! L.A. is full of a bunch of Peter Pans. I like that. I like that there’s a whole child like way about it. It would make sense in a land where many people play pretend to earn a living, dressing up would be common place.

I was invited to a pool party this past Saturday and the invitation read “Shipwrecked! Costumes a must! Nautical/Beach Themes only.” You think I would have thought of my costume before the night before but, actually you wouldn’t think that. You were right.

There are many perks to living with Megsroomie. One of them is that she’s very “sporty.” God no, I don’t mean I want to go running or biking or anything like that with her. I mean she has things I would never have! She has props!

Meg: Lisa, I have to go to this party and it is a theme pool party. I found a red one piece bathing suit. Any ideas?

Megsroomie: (I swear she doesn’t even blink or look up) Oh yeah, go into the closet near the front door. I used to be a lifeguard. There’s the lifeguard rescue float and lifeguard shorts. Use them

Done and done. But not. I had to Google “Baywatch Images” to complete my look. I needed authentic looking “beach hair.” Much like Megsroomie having every useful prop under the sun, I have every useful product.

Oliver Ifergan Atelier’s Day At The Beach was pulled out of my arsenal. My hair doesn’t look fabulous just dried from the shower, I’m going to need some product in there to make it look good. Those beach days where you get a little lift and volume from the ocean water? Yes, it’s the sea salt. Just like it healing cuts quicker and being good for your skin, it add the oomph that your hair needs.

Being in West Hollywood and this beach themed party being a pool party, I was lacking the main component of an actual ocean. No problem. This is the land of pretend but we’ve also got fake pretty down pat as well! I would fake it until I make it!

Oliver Ifergan Atelier’s Day At The Beach is full of seal salt (did you know seal salt is also a major frizz buster? I know! You learn everything here! It’s amazing!) I sprayed all over my damp hair and then added a blast from my hairdryer. Voila! I was now ready to go mimic the woman that keep our beaches safe. Although it may have helped to actually watch an episode of Baywatch. I never have in my entire life. My other roomie said “Meg, you’re not going to actually pretend to ever save anyone. They don’t do that. They catch jewel thieves.” OK. I can do that. I love jewelry.

Oliver Ifergan Salon is in Beverly Hills and Oliver has been tending to the tresses of America Ferraro, Sophia Vergara and Mr. Tom Ford for years. He knows how to create luscious manes so it’s not a surprise his products are flying off the shelves.

The party was a success and I credit that as a combination of a group effort of products, props and a red bathing suit. See? I just described the auditioning process for Baywatch!

What other Seal Salt beach inspired products are making their way to your powder room? Life’s a Beach! Kiss

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