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Happy Hump Day and Happy Summer! The season is officially here and I’ve awakened to a bright and sunny Wednesday morning. If you live in, say, Tucson or Miami, you’re probably not as thrilled as am I. But I live in Seattle, where there are two seasons: wet and dry-er. We wait all year for the sky to clear and the sun to come out. We are a bi-polar city of depressed people for 10 months until the rain stops. You can feel the solstice coming on when your neighbors bust out the Tevas and hiking shorts and order their coffee on ice. People suddenly become cheerful and chatty instead of the usual sullen, sunken, crankies that they are the rest of the year.

Even though I live in the land of grey, drizzle and damp, I always carry at least two pairs of sunglasses in my handbag. It occurred to me, on a rare sunny day, driving along with the sunroof rolled back and the windows down, that sunglasses just might be the perfect hair accessory. I absolutely despise hair on my face. It drives me crazy. I have every manner of barrette, clip, and headband to rectify this, but none ever quite do the job right. Sunglasses push the hair off your face in all the right places, but don’t pull it so hard that you have a headache, and still leave your locks loose. I, in fact, am generally wearing two pairs while driving – one to hold my hair in place, the other to shade my eyes. Too bad I look like a complete idiot – or maybe it’s good, cause I’d be tempted to sport that look 24-7.

I’m also loving a new product by Ojon: Daily Intensive Shine Treatment. Meg passed it on to me and for the first 48 hours I had it, I just couldn’t stop staring at it. It’s a shine serum in a pump bottle and the bottom half is filled by little brown beads. I just couldn’t stop wondering why the beads? Why not break up whatever’s inside and mix it into the rest of the serum? And why brown beads? What the heck are they?

Apparently the secret to Ojon products are their “microspheres” and an “exotic oil extracted from the tropical Ojon tree” which “is shown in clinical studies to fortify and restore damaged hair.”

Whatever the magic ingredient, call me a convert. You pump the serum out and emulsify – a lot – until the beads break up. The end product is brown. (Initial skepticism on this too, on my part. I spend a lot of money to get my hair the perfect blonde! What do I want with brown oil?) But it goes on with a clear sheen, really smoothes without being greasy, adds shine, and also has some hold. So it’s like getting 3 products in one – a defrisant, polish, and (light) hold. Sephora says it will “create an ultra-smooth effect while blow-drying, and create frizz-free curls when drying naturally”, and I can vouch for both. And it’s also become my favorite finishing product – to add that last touch before the sunglasses go on !

Ladies, please post if Ojon’s Daily Intensive Shine Treatment made you feel cool enough to wear shades 24/7 ?!

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