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I’ve got a thing for gadgets. Honestly, I’ve got closets and drawers full of them. Plus my husband loves them too. So if I can pick up one for him on a shopping trip, it helps to soften the blow of multiple bags (“Oh honey, I know it seems like a lot. I needed all of it though. But look what I got you! An electric _______!”)

Of course, some gadgets get more use than others. My crock-pot? Love it! My fondue pot? Used it once. My electric ice crusher? Couldn’t have a party without it. My electric toothbrush? Banned to the guest room closet.

And how about hair remover gadgets? Anyone remember the Epilady? I bet it was the same at every house in the 80’s, it was used once and you probably can still hear the shriek of pain bouncing off the walls. Well, time to make way for something pretty revolutionary, the No!No! (which I received courtesy of the lovely Linsey).

I’ll explain it in the simplest terms (if you want the true science behind it all, check out their website) but first say that this process is painless. It’s all about thermal transference, in this case heat conducted through a very thin wire. This does 2 things: crystallizes the hair that is showing above your skin and produces a pulse that transfers to your hair follicle, destroying it over time so eventually, it won’t grow back.

And the destruction of the follicle is really what this tool is all about. It is more about reducing hair density than hair removal. Shaving is a lot easier. But, like clockwork, the hair grows back and you have to do it again and again. If you can put the time in with the No!No! you can slow this process down.

Honestly, there are a few cons for me. It’s time consuming and I’m not very patient. Also, the crystallized hair needs to be buffed off. I’m not quite at the point where I’ve mastered it so I haven’t gotten super smooth results. But like anything, practice makes perfect. Lastly, you can’t use it on your face, which is a shame.

But there’s a very big pro for me too. I can’t shave my bikini line. I get razor bumps. So waxing has been my only option till now. And that’s a pain, literally. And sometimes even waxing gives me similar trouble. The No!No! produces no skin irritation like in-grown hairs, red pimples, or rashes. There’s also no pain. That alone makes this worthwhile to me. And it sure makes impromptu trips to the beach a lot easier!

You have to be ready for a commitment with this. But if you really want to reduce the amount of hair you have or are plagued with any sort of skin problems that are a result of traditional hair removers, I think you’ve found you’re new favorite gadget.

Ladies, if you have questions, let me know! If I don’t know I’ll try to find out for you…

No!No! – Buy it Here!


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