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plumpnthick“Plump” and “Thick”: well…unless you’re talking about lips and/or a damn good steak, these are two words I really am not happy to hear connected in ANY way to my person? Goddess Granny just believes that sometimes you have to cut to the chase and just spew out what you mean so I’m going to settle down and get all “Plump and Thick” with y’all for a few so we can chat about this AWESOME shampoo!

SO many amazing celebrity hairstylists, I know but you have to love a smokin’ cute guy who comes right out and says that he thinks “Confidence is HOT!” Nick Chavez is a gorgeous man with years of experience in front of the camera as a model and actor but what strikes me most about this uber-talented guy is his honest approach to why and how he “believes”everyone can be “Every Day Gorgeous” and that he’s has painstakingly created a line of incredible products to help anyone be and look their best! I always tend to have just a tad more faith when someone who obviously is in the “loop of beauty” themselves and KNOWS how hard it is to choose products and stay healthy and great looking shares their info graciously based on a personal experience and not just acts as a “salesperson” for a line!

His salon in the heart of Beverly Hills boasts some totally incredible clients of course but more importantly, Nick stays very connected to his biz and is hands-on in the many incredible “makeovers” that his staff does for TV and on set.I also love that he’s from a very large and close family with hard-work and farming in their hearts and he obviously gives back to his community and people as graciously as he shares his talents with his clients and the world! I absolutely enjoyed reading about him and believe he’s a beautiful guy in side and out,rare these days…I totally admire self-made people and Nick is inspirational in many ways! Plus he creates some damn fine products so what’s not to love?

Nick Chavez Plump and Thick: this is for me,a dream shampoo: it’s pink, it’s thick, smells heavenly during a wash and after,has clouds of silky-lather(I dislike low-lather shampoo,sorry), and best of all WORKS just as described to add TONS of volume and thickness to my thick but baby-fine hair. It’s not for the “green/organic/non-chem” among us and honestly, I’m not always the greenest girl at the party but if you have hair that needs a boost,this luscious shampoo will prop our your drooping locks like crazy and without the use of sprays and pins,and all manner of clip-ins ad add ons! It’s loaded with collagen and when I test drive a shampoo,I usually lather twice, use no conditioners or leave-in,and simply blow dry after washing. I did this using this shampoo three times in a row all by itself and without a doubt,it’s one of the BEST ever for my hair! It leaves my color-processed hair shiny and bouncy and best of all, it gives it that “swing and bling” like the girls that aren’t computer-generated in the shampoo ads when you walk. You need very little for maximum results and I also like that Nick’s products are “reasonable” for the exceptional quality!

Simple, clean packaging and easy to hold non-breakable bottle: what is UP with those “let’s put it in a glass bottle” hyper-stylish/eco-conscious/not so clever shampoo companies? The last thing I need in my bath is glass unless there is champagne in it…

The site is cool and and loaded with info,be sure to browse around as there are lots of tips and tricks and read about Nick Chavez and his family: I am lusting for the Leave In Conditioner and Starlet Shine Spray.There is also a neat feature where you can enter your “needs” have the right products for you pop up,one of the best sites I’ve visited that targets hair products and people with such ease and sincerity.

Buy your own “Plump and Thick” here and feel really GOOD about those words for a change!

My hair is one of my best “accessories” and I love when products really bring out my color and style! Do you love fabulous hair products and your hair too?

How do you make your hair “plump and thick?”

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