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NICKCHAVEZI don’t think it’s just me, really I don’t. This Goddess Granny gets SO overwhelmed with the seemingly endless shelves in the grocery, drugstore, beauty emporiums, even at the hair salon. There are just SO many hair products out there to choose from! How is a normal person to decide when there is a product that does everything to and for one’s hair except actually style it for you every day! Seriously, I stand in front of the rows of plastic containers and get a glazed and confused look in my eyes just considering how I want my hair to smell. Do I need more body? Is this shampoo good enough? On and on so unless someone actually puts something in my hand and says, “Here, buy this!” I just tend to go with a few tried and true products that do the trick without getting too techie or fancy on me. As good as I might be with makeup application I stink at doing my hair so I rely on color, a decent cut and a smear of whatever’s on the vanity to get me by…

However, I am in the beauty-loop and NEED to try and at least keep up with what everyone is going crazy about, right? I usually nail the best/latest lipgloss and if you ask me about foundation, I can pretty much name actual shades and brands off the top of my lil’ red head. When I caught wind of something SO different and unique rocking the hair product world, I’m gently forced to pay attention and get my hands on some to try. If you haven’t seen the lusciously-disheveled hair styles that scream Fall 2010-you will. Everyone will be wanting to try that ever so sexy original goddess half up/half down “pouf” look made famous by Brigitte Bardot…(no she wouldn’t be caught dead on that TV Jersey Shore!)

Gently messed up and man-meltingly luscious, who among us doesn’t love the look of our hair when it effortlessly falls exactly where it should with tons of body and volume? Of course you can bend and swoop it all forward, spray (with Elnett of course!) and then throw your hair back like a bad video-vixen near a wind machine with pretty good results. It’s one more damn step when you’re dying to get out the door: our friend Nick Chavez has absolutely aced this look with an innovative and easy to use product in one step! We have chatted in the past about Nick’s smokin’ hot looks and talents and his to die for celebrity client list. Let’s not forget his absolutely amazing hair salon in the heart of Beverly Hills where he constantly sets and raises the bar when it comes to uber-cool and fabulous hair products. His “Instant Amazon” hair texture product is truly an original on any shelf!

You give the little container a shake and dispense a very small amount of what seems to be a powder into your hand…wait for it…wait for it…it morphs into something liquid!
It’s non-sticky as you run it through dry hair while it adds TONS of lift and volume! Seriously it’s just so much fun to see my hair go from flat to big hair Texas in about a minute! You can scrunch it a bit on the top and sides to give that bedroomy-look or just add some texture to the ends. Holds and lasts, so easy to use! I hate messy pastes and goops and this one contains natural kaolin clay and acacia gum but where it hides while it does such a beautiful job of styling is beyond me! I LOVE this product and it lasts forever because you really do only need a drop to look like you “do hair” for a living! Have you ever seen me try to tease my hair? Or try to wrap it on a velcro roller? Tangled chunks of hair end up getting cut off my head-not a pretty sight! I’m most grateful to have a product that gives me what I’m after in one little shake of the wrist!

If you love a piecey look or just want to add pouf without looking like a comic book character (can “Pouferella” be far behind?) this IS the stuff of your hair dreams! I haven’t found anything else like it on the shelves and am deeply in love with my “Instant Amazon!” It’s also raved about the curly-haired among us and I can’t imagine being so blessed as to have curls and volume like this stuff gives!  I do know that Nick sometimes markets his products on QVC but you can also get your hands on it here!

The reviews speak for the product as well and I’m thrilled to have discovered something so different because who wants vanilla hair or hair-products EVERY day? Gotta’ get down and dirty and go for the Chunky Monkey sometimes, right? This product delivers and everyone I’ve shared it with has screamed for more because it does something special, fun and fabulous for everyone regardless of their hair type or length!

Do you stick to the same styling-stuff or are your shelves (like mine…) packed with SO many hair products that you get dizzy looking at all the colors and brands? Do you also love your hair when it looks like it’s had a nice roll in the hay? Try this: it’s really cool! Kiss

Have you tried the POUF? How about Nick Chavez?

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