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kerastase1Meg hair! I know a ton of you are absolutely dying to hear about my writing process so here’s the secret…There isn’t one. I just sit down and start typing. There’s no notes and no preparation (at this point you’re thinking-no kidding O’Brien, we didn’t think the drivel that you put out actually requires a lot of analysis.)

I was coming back from dinner and my date said to me…

Date: Do you have to write an article tonight? Do you have notes and stuff. What are you going to write it on?
Meg: It’s Wednesday, Hump Day Hair Day. I’m going to write it on the Kerastase in your shower (yeah, it’s in his shower-he’s more then a casual date if I’m leaving Kerastase there but that’s a whole other post.)
Date: Oh, the Kerastase it makes my hair so soft and it smells so good and is so much better then the Trader Joes stuff I have been using. It really makes my hair look and feel so much fuller!

Oh my God, I’ve done it again. I’ve created a product monster. I swear he was a total man’s man when I first met him and now he’s raving over the “delicious smell” of Kerastase.

Back to the Kerastase, it’s no secret that their products have a huge fan base so I was so excited to try the Bain Nutri-Thermique line. It is for “very dry and sensitive hair,” I’m always coloring so I definitely fall into that category. It is formulated to protect against the harmful use of heat-stying tools and the sun. I have oily roots though so I was pleasantly surprised that this didn’t leave my strands limp on top. It is part 1 of the system “cleanse.” It has a definite summery citrus smell. If you’re expecting guests at the beach house this Labor Day and want a crowd pleaser in your shower then look no further.

Part 2 would be Kerastase Fondant Nutri-Thermique (the accompanying conditioner.) Again, smells fabulous, it is very conditioning and a little goes a long way. It leaves your hair silky soft and very shiny. It doesn’t weigh hair down and I am definitely a flat-iron, hair-dryer, hot rollers gal (not all 3 in one day but usually 2 and at least one hot culprit assaults my follicles daily.)

I have been very happy with this dynamic duo! Apparently Date has been very happy with them as well. The Trader Joe brand has been in the same place in the shower ever since Kerastase moved in. Now that I think about it both bottles are quite a bit lighter then I last lifted them. Also, when did his hair get so darn shiny?

I know we have a lot of Kerastase fans out there! Have you tried these fabulous yellow and orange capped bottles (just makes you think of sun and the beach) yet? What Kerastase product do you love (and have to hide?

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