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So is there such a thing as a writer-reader? You know how it was a big thing in the ‘70’s to be a singer-songwriter? Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Paul Simon – all a big deal cause they’re great at what they do, but what they’re famous for are being “singer-songwriters”.

So is it just me, or are there are some authors out there who are writer-readers. Take all of your favorites from This American Life – they’re all writer-readers: David Rakoff, Sarah Powell, and best of all, Davis Sedaris. (I’m assuming here that all my girls are doing their hair listening to NPR, no?)
David Sedaris is the ultimate writer-reader. If you haven’t heard him read “The Santaland Diaries”, or heard him say, “…so I put the statue of Diana down my pants…”, you’re getting an entirely different Sedaris experience. He must be heard – if only once — and then it cannot be escaped. Everything he writes you hear in his voice and his voice only. And it only makes his writing that much better. Like a singer-songwriter.

Another one of my favorite writer-readers is Anne Lamott. She wrote, amongst other things, “Bird by Bird” (and hey, if I get stuff wrong, don’t sue me, please!). It’s one of my favorite words of advice and one I quote often. It refers (if I remember correctly) to her elementary school-aged brother trying to write a report about 50-some birds, but he becomes so overwhelmed that he just doesn’t know where to start. “Bird by bird”, is their father’s advice. “Just take it bird by bird.” Good, no? Applies to many situations. Bird by bird.

Another fave is the use of the word “ish”. If it’s a word. If it’s not, I sure use it a lot for all kinda situations.
Like, “What should we get for dinner? Japanese?” Me: “Ish.”
“Should we get up and start doing our errands?” Me: “Ish.”
“How’s your job going?” Me: “Ish.”

Ish. It’s just the perfect response to anything you don’t feel that strongly about. Which brings me back to Anne Lamott who was going through a time of religious attachment and asked her friend, “But you’re a Jew, aren’t you?”, to which he replied, “I’m a Jew, I’m just not Jew-ish”.

So where am I going with this? Well, there’s this hair product line that was formerly known as ISH. They have fortunately changed the name since then, which is officially Nelson J ISH. Apparently.

Thank you so much, Ms. Ann Kibbe for sending along some premiere products in the now Nelson J line. Since I just got my hair cut & colored it seemed like the perfect time to use the whole kit and caboodle, and I can’t say I’ve been disappointed.

It’s a line for damaged hair. Woo-hoo! So I know I’ve got some converts already! But how can you not get sucked into this:

HRC, a compound we have dubbed “Hair Renewal Crystals”, is a botanical based ingredient…the benefit to you is hair with rich moisture and long lasting shine… HRCs, which are found in all NelsonJ ISH Ionic Rescue products, infuse new moisture, ensuring the start of healthy hair… NelsonJ ISH Ionic Rescue is the world’s first heat-boosted, hair repair system.

HRC’s, STD’s, WMD’s, whatever. I’ll take it! ISH.

Ladies what’s your remedy for overprocessed tresses?

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