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gooseberryoilSweetassgal here thanking everyone for my time off these past few weeks.  It was much needed family time but now I’m home and ready to jump back in to Meg’s!  And I can’t think of a better way then to dive right in to a great review of an INCREDIBLE product.  Neil George’s Indian Gooseberry Treatment Oil is a flat out killer product!  I have lots of experience with different types of hair oils, treatments and serums and I know what works for curly hair as well as straight.  I’ve oddly enough been on both sides of that coin so I can comfortably work with either hair type and can attest to the attributes and hurdles of both.  This is a product that has them both covered brilliantly!
Currently wearing my hair natural and curly I’ve found I need a hair “cocktail” to keep my curls bouncy, crunch free and under frizz control.  A dime sized amount of cream curl enhancer blended with an oil type of setting ointment gets run through my hair and scrunched onto my ends while still wet.  I’ve found many oils that weighed down my curls, oils that made me overproduce my own natural oils and those that simply felt cheap and greasy on my hair.  No thank you!  However, I’ve been settled on a product for a while now that has served its purpose and I thought met all of my needs.  That is until I was introduced to the lovely Neil and the lovely George of the Neil George Salon line of products.  Along with this bounty came the Indian Gooseberry Treatment Oil and right away I can tell you this product is heads above anything else I’ve used.  
The packaging on the pump is top notch.  It feels solid and well made in your hand.  No cheap pumps or flimsy containers to leak and spill.  As soon as it’s pumped into the palm of my hand I can feel that it is a superior oil.  Cheap oils feel slimey and don’t sink in to skin and hair.  Good oils feel smooth and natural and just disappear once added to your hair.  There is no better way to describe it then to say it simply “becomes” a part of your hair, nourishing each strand creating a silky and shiny looking mass of illuminated curls.  Once completely dried my hair is light, soft, touchable and managed.  All the while smelling luxurious and absolutely fantastic!  I found myself running around my house making people sniff my head and they loved it!
“The Indian Gooseberry Treatment Oil
is a wonderful remedy for dry, damaged and frizzy hair.  Rich in ingredients; you can use this product regularly. The oil acts like vitamins for the hair. It can be used on wet or dry hair, for a smoother sleeker appearance. Unlike other oils in its genre, that can make the hair greasy or lank if too much product is applied; this oil literally gets absorbed into the hair. Use it during the day before blow-drying to protect against the sun, flyaways and frizz. It’s a lifesaver for those sunny days at the pool.  Apply at night before bedtime to keep your blow-dry intact. Women from India have used the gooseberry for hundreds of years to make their hair superbly shiny and strong.”
Straight hair lovelies will like to know that this also works as a smoothing serum with just a little dab warmed up in your hands and run lightly across your hair.  Neil George recommends avoiding the roots and concentrating on the ends giving your fly-aways a get-a-way.  I truly believe this is of the highest caliber when it comes to quality of packaging and product.  The generous sized bottle will last a very, very long time and it can be used with wet or dry hair.  I’m a little intrigued at the thought of giving my hair a good dose of this and sitting under a hooded dryer to give myself a deep heated treatment.  Side note: if you have naturally curly or dry hair I highly recommend investing in a good hooded hair dryer.  I’m not kidding about this.  You can sit under it to set rollers, dry your hair without wind blowing  your hair around which makes frizz as well as using it to get a deep conditioning treatment.  And it doesn’t have to be time wasted.  You can do your makeup while drying or simply catch up on your gossip magazines!
have made no secret of my love for this entire line.  I have to say that as I tried each product my love just continued to grow.  I’m obsessed with the scents, over the moon about the conditioning capabilities and ready to sell my left foot for the possibility of maybe getting to visit the salon for a cut and color one day.  I am so happy to have found this and I can definitely tell you my HG hair product for smoothing and softening of curls is Neil George’s Indian Gooseberry Treatment Oil.  Bravo NG!  GLAM ON!!

Have any of you ever tried the golden goose? Indian Gooseberry?

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