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neilgeorgeAdvice is something we have all been given all of our lives.  Sometimes we listen and sometimes we don’t.  As a child Sweetassgal was told time and time again by my Sweetassmama to brush your face and wash your teeth (yes that was on purpose) and to never go to sleep with your makeup on every night.  My mother was insistent about these rules and gave me a great foundation for the basics of beauty.  She even went so far as to set up mirrored stations on our kitchen table when I’d have sleepovers to teach all of my friends how to do a proper at home facial.  She did her best to spread her advice to us pre-pubescent girls so that our young and luminous skin would stay that way.  Again, sometimes we listen, sometimes we don’t.  I’ve done my best Mama!
So I had to laugh greatly at a recent Mary Kay party given by my beautiful friend Ruth when a party-goer of hers who happens to be an experienced hairdresser gave us some advice I had never heard of before.  She mentioned that in all of the ways we try to take care of skin, don’t tug the skin around the eyes, don’t neglect the décolletage area, always wear sunscreen…no one ever mentioned caring for the back of your neck!  She made mentioned that as a hairdresser you see what happens to the back of someone’s neck and it can be one ugly sight if not properly maintained.  Without batting an eyelash my funny friend Adele quipped “Looks like I’m never cutting my hair short!”.  She’s a mother of two and a very busy woman…like she needs yet ANOTHER thing to worry about.
I never thought I’d be thinking about this advice when I opened a new package from our dear Meg.  Inside I found a line of products by a salon which really caught my attention.  Not by flashy packaging or catchy design but by just two words.  Indian Gooseberry!  The Neil George Salon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills has a line of hair care products that feature the SUPER vitamin packed Indian Gooseberry and I can’t WAIT to see how they all work.  I’ve read about this fab little ingredient in magazines and online but this is the first chance I’ve had to test out product with it and I’m SO excited!  For someone with notoriously dry and frizzy hair I have to believe this is right up my alley because Indian Gooseberry is like Vitamin C on steroids!  Its intense vitamin packed punch is so well lauded that there are actual medicinal and even religious applications to this incredible and versatile berry.  It’s also known to work wonders on skin and has anti-oxidant properties which prevent and repair damage to the skin.  I’m thinking washing with shampoos and conditioners containing this super food will help lessen worries about the look of the back of your neck as it will treat the area each and every time you use it!  No brainer!
I want to give this a good, full review and I have only washed with it twice so I’ll dive deep into the shampoo first next week.  But for now I’m reading up on the fabulous owners of the Neil George Salon and researching all I can on Indian Gooseberry so I can see if what the websites claim will happen actually transpires on my head.  For a little sneak peek I can tell you the smell is LOVELY and my curls are bouncy…but that’s all you get right now!  Off to research and conduct my own little Neil George Salon experience at home.  See you next week and GLAM ON!

Have any of you tried Indian Gooseberry or heard the buzz on it? How about Neil George Salon?

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