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ngeorge“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
Age and beauty…two things that are constantly changing have my mind very much occupied since I turned 36.  It’s not that I’m old by any means but reaching this age has me realizing for the first time that I’m closer to 40 than I am to 30.  These days where injectables are offered up at parties like the burping Tupperware of the 70’s and actresses like Demi Moore still haven’t hit puberty yet, I wonder how I’m going to age and I look back on how much I’ve changed.  And the answers are probably NOT WELL by Hollywood standards and the other is A LOT.

I remember the first time I truly understood the concept that I was aging and changing and was no longer the fresh faced, perky breasted, bubbly blonde of my earlier youth.  I had been married a few years and really started to pack on the “comfortable relationship” pounds.  It happens before you know it and is an unfortunate side effect of marrying a man who actually loves you just the way you are.  It really hit home when I was picking up some take out and, with my hands full of boxed food, forgot to close my coin purse.  Change went spilling all over the floor and scattered beneath the barstools and tables.  There was a group of attractive men in their early thirties sitting nearby who heard the loud clatter.  They looked up from their giant platter of potato skins and buffalo wings, took one look at me and the results of my own indulgence in said appetizers and went right back to tipping back their pony keg sized beers.  Just two years and 40 pounds earlier those men would have been sliding into home trying to pick my change up for me.  I think it’s safe to say my ego was officially shattered.
These days I’m a little less worried about the shallow vanity “accident of nature” of my youth and a little more concerned about preserving the attributes I have left.  I’d like to think, as I go forward in life, that I’m working a little harder on the “work of art” part.  And kid you not it is work.  Volumes are written, billions of dollars are poured into it and an infinite number of hours are devoted to mastering the practice.  But in the end I find it’s always the simplest tools that work the best and have the greatest long term effects.  One of the attributes I can still work on is my hair and one of the basic, most simple tools to use is shampoo.  
Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills has a line of product that I believe to be unique and highly effective.  I’ve been using the Intense Illuminating Shampoo for two weeks now and it is a wonderfully effective indulgence.  I say indulgence because the addition of an ingredient called Indian Gooseberry makes this a stellar product and one of which I’m reaping the benefits.  Indian Gooseberry is a plant extract known for packing the antioxidant power with Vitamin C, even more so than most of its fruit counterparts, which helps to strengthen hair from root to tip.  It’s the fortification of the hair’s root system through the use of Indian Gooseberry that have made this a go to ingredient by Indian women for centuries to keep hair fall to a minimum and your hair healthy and gorgeous.  It works beautifully on hair pigmentation and is known for staving off gray hair and help maintain color treated hair as well.  For someone with dry, color treated hair, not to mention those pesky beginning grays betraying my age, I’d say I’m a prime candidate for bringing on the Gooseberry!
Created by the hair masters Amanda George and Neil Weisberg, two gorgeous Brit’s themselves and co-owners of the Neil George Salon, they use ingenuity, experience and a need to create a product that is effective, simple and eco-friendly with the needs of their clients in mind.  All of this I found to shine through in the end results of the experience of shampooing with the Intense Illuminating Shampoo.  First off you need very little of this product.  My hair is chin length right now and a nickel size drop does the trick.  It is incredibly emollient and silky and spreads through your hair like a dream.  The light scent of grapefruit sage tickles your senses and gives you a wonderful aromatherapy experience which I find exhilarating.  Of the glowing reviews I’ve seen online, and everyone seems to LOVE it, the only occasional complaint is that one or two don’t like the smell or might find it heavy on thin hair.  But I do like the smell and I like the conditioning properties of the shampoo.  It’s so incredible you almost don’t even need a conditioner to follow up but the conditioning duo is too glorious to resist.  My very dry, very hungry hair eats it up and I’m left with soft hair and bouncy curls.  I’m going to drain this paraben free shampoo of its very last drop!
I’d be interested to hear how fine haired or oily scalped girls feel about a shampoo that is so rich.  I think the Intense Illuminating Shampoo is clarifying enough to work as well for them but an actual account of your experience would be welcomed.  If this is included in Meg’s FABULOUS product bag that is going out to the winners of the “Friends of Extra” giveaway then I hope they become a Meghead and let us know what they think of this shampoo and their glorious haul courtesy of the lady in pink! 

I ask you all…how incredible are those bags and how completely cool was it to see our fearless and beautiful leader on Extra!?  Congratulations Meg and to the lucky recipients of your generous giveaway.  To the Neil and the George of the Neil George Salon…keep up the incredible work.  I can’t wait to tell you all about the heavenly companion conditioner next week.  I’m in love!!!!  GLAM ON!

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