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ngeorgeSweetassgal here coming off a wonderful Halloween weekend full of friends, food and yummy punch libations and steadfastly gearing up for my first ever formal dinner party in just two weeks!  As a child I cannot tell you how I longed to grow up and give a real dinner party.  Though I cherished my Holly Hobby tea set and TV tray (incidentally where most of my adolescent dinner parties were held solo…I was an only child) I knew one day I would grow up to have a dining room of my own, wedding china especially picked out by me and my betrothed and a beautiful long table to seat all of my guests.  And not a table that consisted of two small tables and the spare folding card table lined up and camouflaged under my Grandma’s crochet linens but an ACTUAL dining room table…with chairs that even match.  
Well everyone, thanks to the recent acquisition of a dining table, chairs and complimentary china hutch I am now in the position to take the party from my childhood TV tray and into the adult world of entertaining.  I am so excited I find myself awake at night arranging the table decorations in my mind, planning place cards, staging recipes only to have the players pulled at the last minute and agonizing over choice of runner colors.  It’s actually kind of consuming me and I can’t help myself but yet I’m equally thrilled at the obsession.  I’ve watched Gosford Park, Julie and Julia and Tortilla Soup enough times I’m starting to gain weight from the visual food.  I’m studying the layout of each table they show at the three very different types of dinner parties and hungrily sucking up inspiration from the gloriously formal English table, the lively Parisian table and the passionate and warm hearted Spanish table.  I’m pretty much an American mutt by birth so why can’t I have my own dinner party incorporating the best of all three?  No reason that I can see.
The only thing I HAVEN’T decided on yet is how to decorate ME!  I just realized tonight I’ve been so obsessed with the table I never even stopped to think what I might wear and how I should look.  I’ve given lots of parties at my house that usually culminate in me dashing to the shower at the last second because I’ve been cooking and cleaning all day and I barely have enough time yet to pull back my freshly showered hair, hide behind the ever forgiving sunglasses and toss on a pool cover up.  My food is the star…I am not.  This time it’s going to be different and I am determined to look DAMN good…or at least damn good for me…when I open the door to my beautiful guests.
One thing I know for sure, I will be using my Neil George Illuminating Conditioner the day of my party to give my hair the extra oomph and shine it deserves.  I am in love with this line of hair products from the pulse of beauty in California’s casual chic hair district of Beverly Hills.  I have only been to this gorgeous locale once when I visited as a gawking and completely broke college kid in L.A. on spring break.  But it didn’t take me long to imagine all of the beautiful people in their beautiful homes having beautiful dinner parties just inside those iron gates.  I can all but guarantee some lucky lady is having her hair done at the Neil George Salon for her own elegant party on the 13th.  I envy her access to the salon but I don’t have to envy her choice of product line because I have my very own slice of NGS right there in my shower.  And I repeat…I am in love!
I find this an incredibly luxurious line to use.  From the sleek and eco-friendly packaging, to the feel of the product and finally the scent it leaves behind it’s just the kind of experience that leaves you breathing deep and exhaling ooh’s and ahh’s all the way to the towel rack.  The conditioner itself is very, very emollient so truly just a little goes a long way.  I really mean this.  Using too much could over condition and leave your hair weighed down so go sparingly and make it last all that much longer.  Indulge in the ecstasy of massaging it through your hair.  Let the vitamin rich Indian Gooseberry seep into your hair while you breath in the tantalizing citrus scent.  It’s thoroughly intoxicating and I look forward to it every time.
I believe whole heartedly that this conditioner leaves my hair shining, manageable and soft for days.  Having curly and dry hair this is perfect for me as every day washing is not recommended.  However, I think even if I had different hair I would still limit my application of this to twice a week. It’s THAT conditioning.  Neil George has a lighter, every day conditioner that I haven’t been privy to try yet but considering the performance of the other products I’m sure it’s a spot on hit for more frequent shampooers.  But when the situation calls for incredibly shiny, bouncy and luscious hair…let’s say oh, when one is throwing a fabulous dinner party, then one steps it up with some deep conditioning and the Neil George Illuminating Conditioner.  I’ll be frazzled enough trying to make sure everything goes just perfectly so a few minutes in the shower taking in the aromatherapy of this citrus scent and I should be ready to face my party with great hair, delectable food (God willing) and the confidence to know I can pull this off with a little boost from the Neil George Salon…even without Julia Child!  GLAM ON!

Who else cannot believe the holidays are almost here! I highly recommend this stuff!!

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