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Meg here to ask a simple question. How many of us do the hair in the turban out of the shower and keep it on while we apply our make-up? I do this every morning an apparently, this is bad. The weight of the towel causes lots of breakage around the roots and causes all those super short hairs you get around your hairline.

I’m not going to sit here and try to tell you that I’ve stopped my turban wearing ways. I like the turban to hel dry out the hair but the real reason is I like to be able to put my face on (my morning makeup) with a clean canvass. No stray hairs getting in the way while trying to even out the foundation.

Since I’m not ready to retire my turban wearing ways, I have found a towel that will do a lot less damage to my hair. It helps dry it so quickly it counts down on the time it’s sitting on my scalp.

Also, I have really, really thin hair. The weird thing is AND MANY hairdressers have comented to me that…“It takes forever to dry your hair! My Aquis Microfiber hair towel really saves me time getting ready. I have total ADD with my hair~ there are few things as boring to me as spending tons of time drying it. I find this towel really works and wanted to recommend it to any women looking to get out of her house faster or any women with thick hair!
Ollibee are you reading this!?

Any how I really love my pink Aquis towel and am never going back to terry! Here’s what Aquis says “Gentleness is of the essence when caring for your hair. And because your time is invaluable, an innovation that minimizes the day’s demands is an indulgence. Made with fibers finer than silk, the Aquis┬« Essentials Hair Towel is remarkably light, soft to the touch, and pampering of hair and body. It absorbs moisture more quickly and thoroughly than ordinary cotton towels, dramatically reducing the time to blow dry your hair. The hair towel also wraps easily into a turban and is comfortably light. Effective, pampering, advanced.”

Any other Aquis towel lovers out there? How do you cut your drying time in half?

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