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leave-in_conditionerMissRo here! For those that have naturally curly hair, you may be upset to hear that I usually only where my hair curly when I go swimming or I’m at the beach. Every other time, I like to blow dry it straight, because it’s just easier for me to take care of and I end up washing my hair only a couple of times a week. However, the other day I wore my hair curly only because I had the help of Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner.

I washed and conditioned my hair as usual. Towel-dried my hair just to squeeze out the excess water. Combed my hair, parted my hair on the side, and massaged through the Leave-In Conditioner. So far, so good! It was light-weight, non-sticky, and as my hair started to dry and my curls started to form, I had no frizz and my hair was super shiny.

Now, anyone can get frizzy hair. You don’t have to have curly hair to have frizz. So, this product is for you too! One of the things I tried was mixing the leave-in conditioner with a little of my styling cream before I blow-dried my hair. You only need a drop, but it really helped to tame my frizz and my blow-out looked great. Even for wavy hair, you can use this product too.

I might have mentioned this before in another post, but even if you wear your hair naturally curly everyday, you still don’t need to wash your hair on a daily basis. So, this is when the leave-in conditioner really works. Obviously, to have nice curls you need to wet your hair everyday, but you don’t need to wash it. You just wet it, come out of your shower, put in the conditioner, style your hair, and you’re done! That’s it! You’ll notice that your hair will be silky smooth and healthier, because you are not stripping it of it’s natural oils which is what happens when you wash your hair everyday.

What is your go-to styling product for your hair, curly, wavy, or straight? Do you let your hair dry naturally when it’s curly or do you use a diffuser? We want to know!

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