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mixedchicksfulllineMissRo here for my final post on Megsmakeup! If you could only see me now, sitting on my floor among a bunch of boxes and suitcases. I think it’s very apropos of the final day of 2009 Wink. Out with the old and in with new. And talk about new, I’m going to be living in Brazil on Monday!

I want to say a big thank you to Meg for bringing me on board as part of the Megsmakeup crew. I have had a blast writing about all the fabulous products and working with so many great beauty brands. The highlight for me was definitely our weekend at the Madonna Inn. I will never forget it! Whereas most writers for blogs work independently from home and never meet the Founders or any of the people behind the company, Meg went out of her way to bring all her writers and team together for a fabulous weekend of wine, food, and great company. Thanks again Meg!

For my final installment, I’m highlighting the one liter products from the Mixed Chicks line. Their three main products, Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, and Leave-in Conditioner/Styling Cream, all come in the liter bottles. Your best value in terms of how much you spend and how much you get is the Leave-in Conditioner at $50. The next best value is the Shampoo $40 and then the Deep Conditioner $45. Although, I have to say I would probably get the Deep Conditioner first, because A) I love it, and B) I also use it for shaving cream. I think all those special shaving cream products are great, but at the end of the day, a good, rich conditioner does the same job.

Anytime I have purchased liter hair products, I’m so glad I did, because it just lasts forever. So, instead of having to replenish your shampoos and conditioners on a monthly basis, a liter bottle can last you months! Come to think of it, you’re also saving the earth, because instead of recycling several small plastic bottles each year, your only recycling two big bottles!

So, if you have been using the Mixed Chicks line and have been loving it, I suggest you grab a couple of those liter bottles. You’ll be glad you did and so will planet earth.

Have you ever purchased liter bottles from any hair care company? If so, which product and how long did it last?

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