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HISmixMissRo here! Most of the brands or products we review here on Megsmakeup are all for the Ladies and rightly so, as there are thousands upon thousands of products for us. However, in the last few years some great brands have extended their lines to include mens’ products. Also, new brands have popped up on the scene designed specifically for men, like Anthony, Jack Black, and Zirh.

So, it’s no surprise that Mixed Chicks has included a couple of products in their line for the men in our lives’ that have naturally curly hair or just want a great shampoo and conditioner outside of the classic Head & Shoulders.

I didn’t have a naturally curly guinea pig to try out these products with, but I asked my hubby to give it a try. Most of the time he uses whatever shampoo and conditioner I buy, but that’s because he likes his products as much as I do. So, he didn’t hesitate to try it out for me.

What he told me was how well it washed out his Tancho product from the day before. (Tancho, by the way, is an awesome styling stick for men that want the sexy, bedhead look without the stickiness or dry, crispy look you get from gel.) So, his hair was squeaky clean, ready for some more product. But, I told him he must try the Leave-in Conditioner/Styling cream. He was a bit hesitant, because he usually uses regular conditioner he washes out, but he gave it a try anyways! Low and behold, after he put some in and then a bit of his Tancho product, he felt his hair styled even better and was softer than just the Tancho product alone.

The Shampoo has borage seed oil, silk amino acids, soy protein, and panthenol that remove product residue and impurities while smoothing out the hair follicle to add luster and shine. It also controls itchiness and flakes, while containing UV blockers. The Leave-in Conditioner/Styling Cream helps to define curl, eliminate frizz, and has no sticky residue so you can actually run your fingers through your man’s hair.

What is your hubby’s, fiance’s, or boyfriend’s hair regimen? Are they the Head & Shoulders kind-of-guy or do they love their products as much as we do?

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