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maybellinerewindStacy B here! Nobody wants to age. We may want to mature, grow, gain experience, or live life as fast at it comes at us…but we don’t want to age. We want to do all those fun things gracefully, happily, and flawlessly. I have yet to meet a woman that peeks in the mirror in the morning and says, “Super! My fine lines are still there! And they are multiplying!”. There’s no “I Wish I Had More Grays” facebook page to like, and there aren’t any ‘straight from the rain forest’ pills that promise to magically suck the elasticity right out of your skin.
We spend billions of dollars a year trying NOT to age. Or to allow our skin, hair and nails to show it. Some stuff works, some doesn’t, but no matter how hard we try, or how much money we have, we can’t stop time. We can slow the process down, but it’s coming at you whether you like it or not.
I’m at a weird time in my life. At 32, I don’t feel old. I don’t look old. I coach a college cheerleading team and occassionaly I still get mistaken for a student…or at least a really young staff member. 🙂  I have no gray hairs, no fine lines around my eyes or lips, and for the most part, all body parts are where they are supposed to be. But…I know it’s coming. My skin seems dryer than I have felt in the past this winter, my hair needs heating tool breaks on the weekends because I can feel it getting brittle at the ends and I can’t just jump on an elliptical for a few days a week and lose 3 pounds anymore. One, maybe, but not three. I feel like I’m in prevention and stalling mode. I have started to pick up products that slow the aging process, or rewind what’s started. I want things that make my skin look as bright as it did 4 years ago and smooths it out so I still get mistaken for a college girl.
This week, I turned to Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eraser Makeup Treatment in Buff Beige. This promises to instantly erase fine lines and wrinkles and lift skin. It’s a quirky little product, it cranks up to dispense the makeup onto a sponge that you rub on your skin to spread around. It actually does look like a really fat pencil with an eraser on the top. I was skeptical at first, sponges freak me out. I think they are gross. I have to wash my dishes with a sponge with a handle because I won’t touch a sponge. I feel like they are germ breeding grounds. So I was really hesitant about this. I thought the oil on my skin would rub off on it and cause germs to grow and fester. Yuck. Have no fear though, someone at Maybelline must have my phobia. Right on the stick, it says “Eraser Makeup Treatment is protected with an anti-microbial system.” Whew. No science experiments on this baby! I felt much better using it.
I cranked the tube (like 50 times, it takes awhile to get the makeup up there) and started to spread it on my face. As usual, it’s not quite as easy as the commercials…it doesn’t blend instantly. I did have to do some finger blending but it was not bad. I was blown away by how smooth and soft my skin felt. It was not cake-y, sticky or heavy at all. It was perfect for a non-foundation girl like myself. My skin had a satin-y finish and my make up stayed put all day. It was a great primer.
I have some ‘surprise’ creases on my forehead, but they’ve been there forever. So I wasn’t expecting them to go away, but without a doubt, they were smoother and less pronounced. My skin really did feel lighter and looked awake and healthy. “Lift” might be a strong word for what it did to my skin, but ‘brighten’ is a definite. My skin did not get oily throughout the day and it washed away clean at the end of the night. It says there are goji berries and collagen to tighten skin. I’m not sure what a goji berry is, but it’s in there and I like it.
This was a win for me. Inexpensive, widely available and does the job it says it will. And it even helped me get over my sponge fear!

Who else loves this? (Meg here! I LOVE THIS ITEM!)

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