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I’m so sorry you’ve had a Meg overload. First Chi Chi now Krista. I realize I am your sloppy seconds and I feel bad about that. However, the show must go on-I’m the alternate when our writers have something come up.

Today we will be discussing Mason Pearson hair brushes.

I was a strange child. It was not that I could not wait to be 19, I could not wait to be 65. The Gilligan Island debate always baffled me. Maryann or Ginger? I always wanted to be Lovey Howell.

When everyone else was craving Esprit, I put a Chanel handbag on my Christmas list every year. Never got it. At age 11, most of my friends were wearing Love’s Babysoft Perfume. I asked for one gift on my birthday. I wanted a bottle of “Society” by Burberry. Got it in time for first day of sixth grade! I was definitely a weirdo and my parents just kind of shrugged and rolled with it. When everyone else was writing I heart Joey MacIntyre, I was writing I heart Lee Iacocca.

It’s not something I could ever change. It’s just part of who I am. Cavalli? Pass, St John? Sign me up! I was fortunate enough to be able to somehow finagle all of the must-have childhood items. One of the items I always wanted and now own is a Mason Pearson hair brush.

Over the course of my life I use to buy a new handbag every 3 months. I would spend $100 here, $300 here, $50 constantly on a bag. I bought my $1,900.00 Chanel bag 4 years ago and have not bought a new bag since. Not only that but when my bag gets all cruddy I can bring it into Chanel and they refurbish it-for free! I’m going to be carrying this bag for atleast 4 more years (I chose a classic style) so see, I’m saving money! Most importantly, I LOVE what I carry. I love it.

Quality over quantity. This is why I suggest you indulge yourself to a Mason Pearson hair brush. I have had my brush for 3 years and it’s like brand new everytime I use it.

Here is the deal, I have thin hair that will gross you out. The pads on a Mason Pearson brush are designed with your type of hair in mind. I need the Boar Bristle Tufts. It is superb on my hair and gets rid of tangles in a nano-second. I paid $125.00 for this brush and have never regretted it. It is in my purse 24/7 and I will never buy another. Some of my girlfriends have had their Mason Pearson for TWENTY YEARS and say it still is the same as the day they took it out of the box.

Here’s what Mason Pearson says..que rubber-cushion pad, made by hand using Mason Pearson’s original techniques, allows for effective and efficient brushing. It is kind to use and massages the scalp.
The cellulose plastic handle is hand-polished and any sharp edges are removed to make the hairbrush more comfortable to hold. This handle was developed from the original wooden design which we continue to make in small quantities.
We continue to try to improve on the established design : for example, the “Child” brush is in response to a customer’s request. This is designed to enable a child to become accustomed to the activity of brushing. Similar to this, in the materials used, is the “Sensitive”, which has been developed for people who have thinning hair or very fine hair. This brush gently stimulates the scalp. The natural extension has been to have a “Sensitive” model for those men who are “thin on top”.
We build our products to last as long as possible. While we cannot make indestructible products, we use the best materials available so that, with a little care, they should give good service.We try to make improvements continuously. We have developed our own special nylon and take particular care in our selection of natural bristles to use the best combination for each brush.

Any other ladies that pick quality over quantity and can’t live without their Mason Pearson?

Mason Pearson BUY IT HERE!

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