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curlboosterSweetassgal here having a very surreal 24 hours…the kind of experience that shakes you to the core and makes you re-evaluate your priorities.  My Sweetassguy is on a hunting trip up in my hometown of Weed and I miss him terribly.  But I decided to take the week to catch up on the little things at work and projects around the house.  Happily settled in to my office expecting another hour or so of work after most everyone else had already left I was approached by my boss asking if everything was okay at my house.  I was a little confused and he asked me if I knew that my neighborhood was being evacuated because of a fire!  Knowing my husband is safe up North and my daughter was safe at school my first thought was “Oh my God…my DOGS”!  I lit out of there like my own ass was on fire and got home as quickly as I could not knowing what to expect or even if I COULD get home.  All I could think of as I crawled down I-80 was please god, please god, please keep my babies safe.  I wasn’t thinking about my house, or my beautiful new yard, or all of the possessions in my home.  All I could think of was my wonderful Harley and my sweet little Roxy.  
I got home and found that there was an evacuation in the neighborhood but it was quite a few blocks away and were houses that backed up to very dry fields.  My dogs and my home were safe.  I kissed them and hugged them and fed them a special treat for dinner just for surviving a non-existent threat.  As I sat on my couch with Harley in my lap and Roxy curled up next to me it really got me thinking about what is important and how things like dining room furniture and garden gazebos don’t really mean all that much in the grand scheme of things.  Feeling pretty good about life I happily settled in to catch up on Project Runway and eat some pasta.  The “feel good” portion of the night was not long lived.  I received a call from my husband informing me that my Aunt had been hospitalized with life threatening infections in Montana while driving across country.  He further told me that my already ailing Grandma back in North Carolina is also hospitalized with Pneumonia.  Top on the fact that my Grandpa is currently dealing with dialysis and I think it’s safe to say my poor mom is officially stressed out.  Prayers and/or positive thoughts are not only needed…they are required.  It’s times like this that really, really make you consider the only things that matter.  Family and friends, life and death.  It doesn’t get much more basic than that.
So if there had been a fire, and I had lost my home…what basic things would I need to just get by.  One thing I have been trying out lately, and I really, really like is Marc Anthony’s Strictly Curls Curl Booster.  I recently cut my hair to chin length and added lots of highlights so I was looking for a one stop hair product that could keep my curls defined and under control without being crunchy or stiff or make me look like a wet head all day.  I found this at my local Ulta and thought I’d give it a shot.  
It works great in two different ways.  First off you can spritz it throughout your hair just after showering and work it through.  If you gently blow-dry you’ll be left with soft and bouncy curls that need little styling or setting.  If you let it air dry you will find the curls to be a little more stiff but once dry just work your fingers through the curls, place them where you want them and give a little spritz with some hairspray then you are pretty much good to go all day.  I even drove home with my windows down the other day any though my hair looked a little wild, it didn’t get all frizzy and huge!  
Second best way it works is the “day after” shampooing.  Having curly hair I can’t wash it every day or it will dry out but my curls don’t always look as good the next day so they need a little help.  A good spritzing of the Marc Anthony Curl Booster all around and a little light scrunching and my curls come back to life!  Second day curls usually require a headband or a few carefully placed bobby pins but with the curl booster and a few quick curls of the iron in front and I’m second day gorgeous again in no time!  I LOVE this because I’m just not one of those people who have the patience to spend eons doing my hair.  I’ll take a lot more time on my makeup or picking out the perfect shoe but I don’t like doing my hair so this is an incredible fix for me!
According to the website this is “For those who want maximum definition and more refined curls. Strictly Curls™ Curl Booster is just that. This curly hair solution boosts your curls into highly defined, shiny, bouncy curls with gentle to medium hold. Perfect for hair that needs a bit of extra boost to achieve maximum curl. Its lightweight, alcohol-free formula enriched with Hydrolyzed Silk and Vitamin E, binds to the curl strands for added form, helping to create spiraling curls. Formulated to repel humidity, it leaves your curls in control and frizz-free from morning to night, without stickiness or flaking.”

There is a Pro Styling Tip Video on getting maximum curl with this Curl Booster.  I’m a little suspect that those curls were achieved with ONLY a blow-dryer (and no curling iron or curlers to speak of) but I will admit my curls look pretty darn good with just this product alone.  But I will back up the stylists advice to work your conditioner through your hair with a WIDE tooth comb before rinsing out.  If I do this, lightly towel dry my hair trying not to disturb the natural curl pattern, spritz in the curl booster and place my curls where I want them to be, then I find I get the biggest and cleanest looking curls i can.  Marc Anthony’s curl line includes shampoo and conditioner, curl defining lotion, creams and foam, leave in conditioner and extra hold spray gel.  All of which are paraben free and are not tested on animals.  They even have a product (which I have not tried and can’t comment on) called Second Day Revitalizer that I can’t wait to try.  It’s supposed to handle my “day after” hair problems so we’ll have to see!
So all in all I’d have to say good hair is not a worry for me right now…the health of my family is.  That being said I’d like to remind everyone to kiss your children, call your mother and never miss an opportunity to sit and visit with your grandparents just listening to their stories and their wisdom.  Hugs are free…spread them around.  Turn off the TV and walk your dogs.  Take an Aunt out to lunch for no reason.  There will never be a moment wasted when it’s spent with those you love.  Love to all of you in Meg’s Land as well.  GLAM ON!

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