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brooke1Meg here! We asked our resident celebrity hair guru and rated #1 colorist in Los Angeles, Marco Pelusi to answer your hair questions! He’s taking two at a time and will be sharing his answers. He has lots of celebrity clients but I featured Brooke Burke. Marco is responsible for her hair always looking so gorgeous. I wanted our brunette readers to especially ask away! I remember when I was a brunette (before the greys came!) It was hard to keep it from looking too mousy. I wish I had know this “glaze” tip back then! Take it away Marco!

Roxtarchic wants to know how we are able to give Brooke Burke that gorgeous brown shine and don’t pull through any red color.

Answer: The beauty of a ‘glaze’. Ask your haircolorist for a glaze service if your hair gets too reddish when going light brown. A demi permanent haircoloring that neutralizes red or warm tones is perfect for this purpose. Also ask your colorist to use a natural, neutral, or possibly ash tone in your base haircolor and/or glaze formula. Also using products specifically to prevent premature color fade is extremely important. Especially a great shampoo that won’t strip out color. Nothing to cause it to turn red. I’m obviously a huge fan of my line for being superior in protecting color. You can check it out at

2. Rubysbeauty asks what’s a good uv protectant for her finer curly wavy hair without weighing her hair down.

Answer: Marco Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard is an easy, lightweight choice for this purpose. It’s super light and doesn’t weigh the hair down. This signature product contains huge quantities of collagen and sunscreens (benzophenones) to protect the hair from the sun’s oxidating effects. You Meg peeps and my supermodel client Carol Alt have always loved (and can’t live without) this product! I don’t comb through one single head of hair at my studio without applying this product to my clients’ hair. Meg comes close to a meltdown when she starts to get low on hers!

Who do you think has the best hair in Hollywood?

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