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Yikes! For some reason LA gals this didn’t email blast out! So sorry my computer let me down!~Meg

Meg here, so I always complain about my hair. It’s dry and brittle and oily at the scalp. On top of it, my hair has several different hair colors blended in the back since my patience is pretty low and I just grab a box at the drugstore to fix it. You know when you do that it makes you afraid to go to a real professional. Like when you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time.

I was afraid Marco would “tssk tssk”, me for doing it myself.

I was a little nervous walking into the zen Marco Peluso studio. Was Marco going to chew me out for turning to the box for so long? Why was my hair just so blah? Was he going to cut it all off ala Mia Farrow pixie?

“Hmm, well, it’s no so bad. I mean, I understand that you can’t come in all the time and we can fix this up. I would tell your readers that they can do it themselves but every once in a while they should see a professional to just even it all out and fix the hard to reach places.”

How cool is Marco to say that? That literally was the first time I wasn’t scolded by a hairdresser for not coming in.

That’s one of the many awesome things about Marco, he’s realistic. He also doesn’t give you any sell or song or dance. He’s an artist and I told him to just look at my tresses and I trusted his creative decisions.

Marco turned my mousey-tri colored mess (I’m working on the picture of the results-hope it will be up by this afternoon-scanner issues) into a hair commercial. He used paint brushes and foils and painted deep caramel low lights, buttery warm highlights and an over-all tone that didn’t wash me out but projected a golden glow around my face. With the grey issue, being an all-over brunette is just not feasable anymore. With my pale skin being a blond makes me look ill. When Marco finished blowing my hair out and swirled my chair around, I had Giselle’s multi-hued locks (if he could give me Giselle’s ab’s I’d kill for him).

Marco’s™ Color Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard, was reviewed on Megs makeup before Read Comments Here! and everyone went wild for it. Marco has one word Collagen! Collagen! Collagen! I need it in my skin, I use to inject it in my lips and now, I find out~Your hair has it, it’s anti-aging, but guess what we lose everywhere as we age? Yup, Collagen. Here I am picking Marco’s Collagen obsessed brain!

Collagen, It is really the plumper for youth, skin and hair? Why do we need it and why does the sun deplete it?

As we age, our body loses its ability to produce and repair collagen, which is the structural scaffold of skin and hair. Daily factors such as environmental pollutants, heat styling and color processing further compromise the collagen protein structure of hair causing the hair to become brittle and dull — in essence making the hair shaft resemble a road full of potholes.

Your products are the only ones concentrating on Collagen and its anti-aging benefits. What led you to this Holy Grail?

I spent many years of my career working in the lab with the chemists at major haircolor manufacturers, creating color products and haircare to prevent color fadage. I went back to a well-respected chemist who is a longtime family friend, and asked him to create a product system on my behalf specifically to prevent premature color fade, as well as boost condition, haircolor longevity, vitality and tone. It was really a beautiful thing that happened: several formulas with which we worked contained collagen, or at least a form of collagen. I therefore asked if it would be possible to include a form of collagen in each and every product to prevent premature color fade, and he said yes! That’s how it started.

Last but not least..Lets get to know you!

The #1 tip I wish I could give to every women about her tresses?

Condition, condition, condition. Even women who care deeply about their hair, whether it’s for work, or career purposes, or just to look and/or feel good, often overlook it. Many women forget or are unable to spend time deep conditioning their hair. If they could just find a little time every other day or at least once a week, they would improve their hair health. I will be launching an easy-to-use product in the near future that will aid in the much-needed deep conditioning and reconstructing of hair.

Why my products take care of you like nobody’s business?

Collagen literally fills in the holes in the hair, much like tar fills in potholes on a road. That’s what hair looks like. The hair shaft, when exposed to sun, wind, heat from styling, and especially color processing, has holes in different areas. These ‘holes’ can cause the hair can look dull, dry, lifeless, and can cause the color to fade. The collagen in my products literally fills in these gaps, and closes the outer layer of the hair. The collagen actually works to seal in the color and create shine and luster.

I LOVE all of my products but if I could just suggest one it would be?

Marco™ Color Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard™. This signature product is an ultra luxurious, light and airy leave-in conditioner expressly formulated to replenish the hair’s own natural reserves. It’s a must have for all hair types, for any woman with any length of hair, whether it’s fine or thick or coarse or wavy, it all depends on how much your hair needs. My Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner can literally change the hair in one application. Celebrities such as Carol Alt and Stacy Keibler cannot live without it, along with most of my female clients. In fact, I have to send Carol gallons of it on a regular basis. Use it on towel-dried, freshly shampooed hair, just a few pumps, for best results, either before a blow dry, or simply to let the hair dry on its own. Everyone just loves it!!!

My theme song?

Any 80s music whatsoever. Duran Duran, Howard Jones, The Cure, Madonna, or any cheesy 80s TV show theme song, like Dynasty or Falcon Crest.

LA Ladies do yourself a favor and let Marco clean you up for Summer! Ladies with hair~Get some Collagen!


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