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Meg here! I’m filling in for Katie today and I’m happy to do so because today’s hump is on a brand that I’m a huge fan of! I am also a die-hard Marco Pelusi follower. I’ve seen his genius first hand and he has gotten absolutely crazy positive reviews on megsmakeup before Marco’s previous raves

I was over the moon when he let me know he has a gloss out. I can’t get a brush through my hair without his anti-frizz leave in conditioner and I’m pretty new to the world of glosses. I have really fine hair that’s dry and brittle on the ends but can get uber oily around the scalp. Gloss and shiners translated to “oily” and “limp” in my mind. I was all “OMG Marco! I can’t wait to try it!” But inside I was nervous because I am a total newbie and wasn’t even sure how you work a gloss. Marco, being not only a hair guru but teacher to so many stylists calmly explained it to me “After you blow dry, you need to make the hair look healthy and shiny, take a TINY amount (about the size of the tip of a q-tip for my fine tresses).Work it through your hair, it will detangle and control fly-aways and promote sheen

The Master had spoken. He said this to me while working on a woman in his chair at his signature salon. I felt even better when his client said ” Oh, you’ll love it! It’s great! It makes my hair look so good. I always get compliments that my hair looks fab when I use it.” It wasn’t that I doubted Marco, it was that I doubted my hair. How can a girl doubt Marco? He really does think of everything. This is the Rolls Royce of glosses. It has color guard and sunscreen and vitamin e and silicone and its water soluble. He really is an expert on color so does everything he can to jam pack his products with all the goodies to keep your lock vibrant and protected. It’s not a huge bottle but when used properly will last 6 months. It also is not sticky and made my hands feel great! It’s just a quality product and I am now THE GLOSS QUEEN! After I give myself a blow out I grab for this gloss and I’m very happy with the results. If you suffer from any dull or dryness I would recommend you try his leave-in conditioner and finish off with this gloss. You’ll be having many a great hair day!


Now for the contest! I promise that I will not bore you with the Megkenromance for quite a while after this post. I just need for you ladies to see further proof on the great talent that is Marco Pelusi.

Ken you need a haircut! “Seriously, what is up with all this big, pouffe, straggly hair? You look like a crazy person, can we please get a haircut? You know this doesn’t look good, you wear a baseball hat everyday.”

I plead with him and negotiate and tell him that as Meg from Megsmakeup, it is my duty in life to give him a makeover. He can teach me all about being Jewish. I am here to teach him all about sculpting spray and moisturizer. I feel it’s very important to clearly know what everyone’s bringing to the table 🙂

Like many pouty three year olds, Ken is brought to the Marco Pelusi hair studio. This guy has crazy hair and hadn’t gotten a cut in over a year. I really have to pull out the big guns here. This is no willy-nilly task. I need the expert!


After Marco calmly talks Ken off the ledge he begins to snip away. It’s like watching Edward Scissorhands go! The long scraggles fall to the floor and I end up with a guy with a fabulous head of hair! Now I can actually see his face! He’s getting more compliments on his new cut then ever and the best part! I get to say “I told you so” With each new rave review! The second best part? He really likes his new look…..Meanwhile I’m on page 65 of “Gateway to Judaism”

I know I’m really fortunate to have a mega celeb stylist around the corner. These glosses are great and I want to send one out! Just let me know what you’d do for a Marco Pelusi hair makeover forget about the Klondike bar. Marco’s where it’s at!

Ladies what did you think of Marco Color Smoothing Gloss? Marco Smoothing Gloss Buy It Here!

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