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marcopMeg here! Well, we switched the clocks and I can tell you I was downright cold coming out of a meeting at 5:30pm here in Hollywood, CA. It was cold and it was dark and I think it’s safe to say that fall is in full swing.

I decided to take my hair hue to a more fall appropriate hue! I dyed my hair? I know-SHOCKER! Making sure that your hair doesn’t fall flat in the changing temperature could be quite a chore. I dialed up our #1 Hair Guru Mr. Marco Pelusi and asked him to give some tips so we may stay Meg Heads and not limp heads. Here is his valuable advice! This advice doesn’t come cheap, it is what he doles out to Brook Burke, Carol Alt, Stacy Kiebler and more then a couple Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Meg Head price=FREE!

1. Temporarily switch to a moisturizing shampoo to compensate for the change in season. Generally, it’s a good idea to periodically alter shampooing products.

2. Use conditioner after every shampoo and leave the conditioner on hair a little longer in the shower, especially if it feels dry. Even just a few extra minutes can make a difference, especially throughout the fall/winter months.

3. For those with color, chemically treated, frizzy or dry hair, use a daily leave-in conditioner. Marco™ Color Anti Frizz Leave-In Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard™ is a groundbreaking, anti-frizz formula that repairs, restores and rebuilds, leaving the hair and scalp comforted and protected.

4. Finally, add deep conditioning treatments into a fall regimen, either at a salon or at home, at least once a week. At home, apply leave-in conditioner after exiting the shower, apply a plastic cap and leave it on for at least 30 minutes.

I hope Marco’s tips help you! Now that I’ve scratched your back-will you scratch mine? I have a couple of really big TV spots coming up and I have to know What Are The BEST products in the Drugstore? I don’t have time to try every one in there but if you tell me a winner then I’m running off to CVS. These are some important spots and I know there is nothing you know better then product so help a sistah out!!

I totally appreciate it! The best drugstore lip, eye, cheek-lay it on me!! Thank-you Marco for the tips as always! I feel like I’ve won half the battle since I put my color guard conditioner on before I left the house. Damn, why can’t that be in a drugstore?Kiss

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