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Meg here to bring you reviews on one of Marco Pelusi’s signature, cult-favorite products, his leave in anti-frizz conditioner.

Living in LA has it perks! I was eating dinner at my trusty deli when Mr. Marco himself popped into the booth next to me. I had to speak to him. You knw when you’re in the presence of someone that just exudes upbeat energy and a great smile and full out beams friendliness it’s hard to not want to strike up a chat. Mr. Marco is all of those things, he is simply delightful and I was so happy I got the chance to become his friend. This was a few years back so was not even a blip on my radar (um computer) screen at that point. I just wanted to get to know someone that was so passionate and creative and talented. Within the first 15 minutes of chatting with Marco he was already telling me some great ideas for my hair color.

When Marco decided to open a new salon he graciously invited me to his very fabulous opening party. Great food, drinks and goody bags of his new signature products were included. I also got to meet Marco’s dad. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, the entire Pelusi clan is warm and talented!

At this point, I had started Megsmakeup, so when I got home I dived into my new Marco Pelusi products. They were all fab and geared toward color treated hair (as you all know-I am slave to the dye) so I was in Heaven. Unfortunately, having to dye my hair so often leaves the ends dry and brittle and fly-away. This is why, I can tell you, Marco’s leave in conditioner is a Godsend.

It works on my thin hair without weighing it down and without any greasy feeling. It doesn’t give the appearance of oily-just healthy. With a pump (yes ladies, a pump-hooray~) I add this to wet, but towel dried hair and I can actually get a comb through my tresses without the slightest bit of pull. I’ve spoken to other women that love this as well. The funny thing is, we all have different hair textures. From my lifeless hair to my girlfriends that battle hair bulge and poofiness-well, it appears to universally work. How the heck did he manage that?

For my lucky LA area girls, Marco’s salon is right in West Hollywood and it is tranquil and gorgeous. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you he won MyFOXLA Best Hair Color! So he’s a true artist that knows not only how to give you your perfect shade but then how to protect it with his products. My hair color truly is more vibrant and longlasting with his color guard protection!

Here’s what Marco says about his Leave In Conditioner “this signature product is an exclusive, anti-frizz formula that repairs, restores and rebuilds, leaving the hair and scalp comforted and protected. an ultra luxurious, light and airy leave-in conditioner expressly formulated to replenish the hair’s own natural reserves to boost condition, as well as haircolor longevity, vitality and tone. tames curly, coarse hair while allowing for easy comb-thru and a smooth, healthy appearance.”

• naturally derived from coconut, cetrimonium chloride is the most potent anti-frizz element available to moisturize and neutralize static electricity; effects last for up to 72 hours even when rinsed with water

• usp grade vitamin e, one of the most powerful antioxidants available from nature, protects the hair from hostile environmental factors, including pollution, aging and stress

• apricot essential oils fight dryness and cell dehydration

• natural moisturizing factors, including sodium pca, volumize the hair for optimal styling and manageability

Ladies, please let us know if you find Marco Pelusi products as wonderful as I do-*Some received full pumps, some received travel sizes





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