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Hair genius extraordinaire Marco Pelusi has taken some time out of his day to go back to your hair questions!! As usual, he answered them with precise care. Hair’s some of your answers! Thanks Marco-xoo

Micky Santos says, “I have really thin hair that is colored and volumizing products make it look and feel really dry. Any suggestions?”

Hi there!  I can most certainly understand where you’re coming from.  The combination of color treated hair along with very fine hair is a bit of a dilemma.  The biggest complaint from women like yourself with fine color treated hair is that products formulated to preserve color often weigh the hair down — which is exactly the opposite of what you want!  Therefore, the answer for you is somewhere in the middle.  I would recommend shampooing more often so as to increase the volume in your hair — but you absolutely must use a product that is ‘color safe’.  I would recommend ALTERNATING shampoos — one day please do go ahead and use a bodifying or a volumizing shampoo — and the next day use a moisturizing shampoo.  This system will even out the potential for either drying the hair out, or weighing it down.  The answer is to mix it up — and the answer is really in the shampoo you use — volume will either begin or end with a shampoo.  That’s the best place to start.  Of course, you know I’m going to recommend Marco Color Bodifying Shampoo with Collagen Color Guard, as I specifically formulated it JUST for women with fine color treated hair.  It’s a slightly higher pH than my moisturizing shampoo, but still maintains the life of the color —

Kimmielocks says, “I’m a student who barely has time to devote to her hair in the morning before class. Outside of ponytails or simply wearing my hair down, my hair routine is pretty boring!

I have long, straight hair. Can you suggest some quick hairstyles or ways to jazz up my hair? Thanks!!

The best thing for you to do it to spice your hair up with a cut!  The easiest way to jazz up long hair — without losing length — is to add LAYERS.  If you’ve had difficulty with layers in the past, tell your hairdresser to go ‘easy’ on the layers, and to keep them on the longer side.  Layers are the very best way to spice up long straight hair.  If you’re gutsy, add even some shorter layers, OR, add a sexy, long bang!  Bangs — when kept on the longer side — and bangs that are swept to the side — are very trendy right now — and are quite an exciting easy addition to jazz up your long hair.  I would go back to basics, and start with a really, really good hair shaping (cutting).  Another possibility is to add a few highlights — even just around your face — to give the illusion of volume and body and movement in your hair.  Often times we only think of haircolor as far as covering grey, or doing something totally different.  Actually, the reality is that highlighting can add that extra something that makes long hair exciting.  I hope this helps!  Thanks!

Thank-you Marco! It’s very exciting that you give us such great insider access!

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