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Sharond here, filling in for Katie on Hump Day, Hair Day!

My name is Sharond and I will be helping Meg and the other reviewers by filling in as needed while they tend to personal matters! I’m the beauty pinch hitter!

First, a bit about my own hair: at 52, I have never colored it, had a perm in more than 25 years and don’t use a blow dryer, curling iron or heated curlers. I would say that my hair is about as virgin as it can get. I was a white blonde until my late twenties, having my son in my early thirties, my hair started to turn into a golden brown with blonde highlights. At the age of 40, I had lost about half of my fine thin hair and was diagnosed with thyroid problems. What has grown back is a mish-mash of all sorts of hair. Part is still straight and thin, part is uncontrollably curly, and then part is thick with wonderful waves which I love. Best of all, I can only count a few gray’s. I shy away from products that are loaded with ingredients which can’t be pronounced or need a chemist to understand.

I love Lush products. Period. I stumbled across their store while in Cobh, Ireland in 2004. I spent almost my whole vacation allowance in that one shop. I was very surprised to discover they are a large company based out of Vancouver, Canada, though personal with the container products stamped with a sticker of the person who made it. Lush is a “green” company with a lot of their products not wrapped; 75% are vegan, 100% vegetarian, and never tested on animals. Their website is very easy to use with all products with ingredients listed, organized so they are easy to find, quick shipping, and with orders come samples to try. The stores are very generous with samples also. The site also has a forum where people comment about the products or ask for/offer advice.

I opted to try the shampoo, BIG. When I first opened the container and looked at this gelatinous salt, I was a bit hesitant on how to use it. I held the container up to my nose and was mentally transported to the beach, with the mingled scents of the ocean and a margarita in my hand. Diving in, I put a big glob on my finger and rubbed the salt through my hair. I was surprised to find my head so overloaded with bubbles that I need to rinse. The salt felt good on the scalp and my hair was clean, squeaky clean, and really shiny.

My hairdresser noticed that I was using a different product and commented that my hair was in the best condition she had ever seen it. I wash my hair every day and did notice that it tended to dry it out. I found that once or twice a week was about right for me as it is for many women. The more I used the shampoo, the thicker my hair seemed to get. I think it was because of the residues of formershampoo’s and conditioner’s, like the different waxes andparabens, were finally being washed away. BIG comes in an 11.6-ounce cup which makes it hard to take with you when traveling. Do not let the price
scare you; a little goes a long way. I would say a small pea amount is more than enough for shoulder-length hair. There is an added benefit to BIG: that works great as a salt rub for buffing dry hands, elbows, feet and more.

Ladies how much do you love Lush’s BIG Shampoo?


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