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LOREAL10Hi Ladies! Happy first Body Beautiful review for January 2010 from Jeanasina’s world! Today I want to talk especially to those of you who color your hair at home or are thinking about coloring your hair at home. Oh, and those of you who have a shady collection of dolls you have purchased from the thrift store because you like to dye the dolls hair and then dress them up to look like people you know, you can read this too. It concerns hair color and need for speed!

 Ladies – I have been coloring my hair for so many years I honestly don’t even remember how I got started on it – but I DO know that I have probably tried every brand of hair color out there. My natural color was brown/brunette but I think I started going auburn back then because I was crazy for red hair. A couple of times I have gone full blown red and loved it but my favorite personality has been to be a blonde. After cultivating all the brands out there, I continually come to the conclusion that nothing works as good for me as L’Oreal’s Superior Preference does. I vary my color choices and it’s always some shade of blonde in the vast range that they make but I mostly stick with golden tones (more flattering for elderly skin they say). The thing is that it’s such a pain to apply the color and then figure out what I can do during the 45 or so minutes that I have it on my roots. I usually only do my roots.  I also try to do it when my Harley husband isn’t around.  Nothing says “I think I’m going to go take a nap.” to my husband like seeing me walking around here with globs of goop on my head! Several hairdressers told me years ago that my hair would get too dry if I pulled the color through every time, so I seldom do that.

 I went to Target this week and was thinking as I strolled by the hair color isle that it is time for a root touch up. Their L’Oreal Preference section had been sucked dry by blonde vampires so I was forced to look at other options. It was at that time, that I came across L’Oreal’s NEW Excellence to Go 10 MinuteCream Colorant! I had observed this new product advertised on television but I was leery big time! I kept thinking, “Come On…no way can it be effective in 10 minutes!” However nothing else appealed to me so I put my hand around the box and told it flat out “You better be great because I am not having any bull—- color on my nice hair!” The package trembled. It knew it had better perform once I got it home.

 Let me tell you that I did my computer research before this stuff ever touched my unflattering roots! There are 16 ‘captivating’ shades to choose from – I chose Medium Golden Blonde 8G – it is very close to the shades I usually use. The ‘to-go’ colors run about $9.49-$9.99 a box which was a little bit more than I pay but the lure of 10 minutes was compelling. They have it at Target, Walgreens,, and for sure.

I did my usual preparations – covered the sink in plastic, covered the toilet in plastic, hung my ‘rear-view’ mirror on a hanger behind my head so I could see the back, got out my clips, my hair coloring brush with the long tail on it and put on some paint clothes and was ready to open the box! Inside the box are the basics, the color, the developer, the conditioner, the instructions and the all important rubber gloves! You might laugh that I put plastic bags or plastic around but believe you me, no matter HOW careful I am and precise – every single time I see a splotch of color on the door or on the wall or somewhere and that stuff STAINS big time so I just take care of it all before I start.

The fist thing I noticed is that it didn’t STINK or cause me to feel as though I was choking on fumes! That was a pleasant surprise! It applied like a dream – I like to make my hair parts using the tail of my color brush, then squeeze a line of colorant along the part and then kind of brush it in with my long tailed coloring brush. There is a wonderful instructional video on the L’Oreal website that demonstrates EXACTLY how to use their new product which is really a great help if you have never colored your hair before! It shows you how to do just roots or how to color your entire head!

I read warnings that indicate that you don’t want to leave it on more than 10 minutes because it WILL make your hair darker so as soon as my timer went off the color was being rinsed off within my gray crusty wash tubs in the basement! I liked the conditioner too – it also smelled pleasant and after I dried my hair I was happily surprised! I would use it again! Now to see just how long the color lasts! I will admit I LOVED that it only had to be on my head for 10 minutes! This would be great if you were in a hurry for a big event, date, etc.! Have any of you tried this product yet?

I leave you with the knowledge that if I were suddenly transported to Jamaica tonight and somebody put cornrows in my hair – there would not be ONE gray hair evident in any of those skin tight parts they would make on my head!  My roots look GOOD!Kiss

Do we have any other L’oreal Excellence to Go lovers or even better… tell us YOUR favorite hair coloring products and why you like them!

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