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loreal everpureIt’s Wednesday’s Body Beautiful with Jeanasina coming to you LIVE from the re-vamped, state-of-the-art, new and improved, gloriously informative, Megsmakeup!
I received an e-mail from L’Oreal entitled “Beauty on a Budget”. “Find out which of our products are beauty award winners…” I went directly to the NEW shampoo and conditioner they were featuring exclusively for color treated hair which was the new EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System! They have 3 categories for this new line which has about 5 options of products within each particular hair desirability factor to use to either moisturize, volumize and/or smooth your color treated hair!  I decided to look into the smoothing products; the shampoo and conditioner! The product line strongly suggests you use the complimentary products TOGETHER for optimal results! That’s just what I am doing!
I have been using Pureology – by far the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used for my ba-zillion year old colored blonde locks which was HIGHLY recommended buy my current hair stylist professional!  I love the Pureology smell and I loved the way it has changed the condition of my frazzeled hair but I DO NOT love the price!  When I saw that the  L’oreal EverPure line was sulfate free and that many reviews I read on other websites RAVED about this shampoo (especially former Pureology fan-club presidents) I decided to try this tonight!  I went to Target on my lunch hour (they actually had this new product mixed in with the more expensive known name brands Target carries rather than in the ‘inexpensive’ section where the other shampoos under $10.00 reside.  I chose the ‘smoothing’ line shampoo and conditioner ($6.99 each) and now,we are going to have a hand’s on experience with this new product!  Velcro on your terry cloth wraparound and let’s get this hair washing party started!
Heading down to the basement to the black crusty washtubs that represent my hair experimentation lab headquarters!  I share these wash tubs with the sea hag laundry lady who spends a lot of time down there muttering under her breath as she washes and folds laundry. Everybody always says that old battle axe and I could be twins.  As if!
Finished part one – shampooing with the L’oreal EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System SMOOTH SHAMPOO and my first though was “Wow! Interesting smell!” which is listed as ‘Rosemary Juniper”.  The sleek shiny pale lavender tube it comes in has an orange cap and the writing on the tube is in grey and orange in microscopic font size that only ants are able to read using ant sized reading glasses!  Why do they do that?  We want to know about our products and trying to read that itsybitsy writing on the tube in impossible to read color combinations probably has caused blindness or at the least migraines! If I ever make a product it’s going to have writing for the visually impaired who can read it from clear across the room!  I digress.
 The EverPure lathered up like a dream and when I rinsed it out I found my hair to already be de-snarled and I could run my fingers right through it!
Next, L’oreal EverPure Sulfate-Free SMOOTH CONDITIONER!  I left it on for about 10 minutes and then rinsed it out.  By now I’m thinking…not sure if I  am enjoying the fragrance (this one is Rosemary Mint). When I removed the towel from my head, my hair fell loosely out and wasn’t all snarled up which was a good thing!  My comb went right through my golden locks and this was without adding any extra products! Pretty remarkable!
I got out my fierce cheap-ass blow dryer which doesn’t have a nice directional spout, it just blows the hell out of my hair much like wind tunnel fans and again, WITHOUT putting any other product in my hair (these are TRUE conditions here) I began the process of drying while alternately using my flattest brush on each section of my wet hair!  It went really well, and each section I dried definitely looked SMOOTH and soft!  I finished drying my entire head using this method and when I stepped back to take a look at the finished product I said into the mirror...”Well Hello Nicollet Sheridan!”  My hair looks pretty amazing!  I next tried my flat iron on it and it just glided on down each hair section!  It’s really smooth to the touch and my fingers don’t stop to play with the fuzzy ends because right now there aren’t any when I run them through my hair, which I can’t stop doing.  I can still smell my hair however…It’s got long lingerability potential!
The tube it says 100% Vegan!  Haven’t seen that statement before on a hair product!  If you want to read more regarding the ingredients – well good luck with that honey!  Whoever designed the product is laughing his head off somewhere knowing nobody without a super bionic eye will EVER be able to read the ingredients!
I’ll have to continue using this and get back to you on how long term use goes and whether it’s really great in locking in and maintaining the quality of my color.  I also want to see if it’s drying or has any adverse effects. L’oreal has gotten on the sulfate-free bandwagon!  I think this is one of the first affordable shampoo/conditioner products to do this!  I’ll leave you with the helpful hint that if you want to just ‘try’ this product line you can go to the website and click on ‘hair care” then “hair care brands” then “everpure” then click on ‘free sample’ (you will have to sign up for their website) but you CAN get a free sample of this new product – you can choose from the 3 types!  If you can’t wait 22 weeks for that to come in the mail (LOL!) you can buy the products  at Target or Walgreens!

Who else has tried Loreal Everpure Products? What did you think?


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