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elnettGoddess Granny here on this Superbowl Sunday: I “like” football but have no emotional connection to either team this year so may the best one win and hope it’s a helluva’ game! Most girls I know are either out shopping, at Zumba class, or simply finding some other out of the house way to amuse themselves while our men-folk consume mass quantities of beer, chicken wings and pizza while burping loudly and swearing/throwing cans at the TV! I also know a few women (waves to a couple of her sisters…) who will be sitting right there with and more power to ‘ya’! 🙂

I myself am obsessing about my hair a but this week: it’s been raining hard for a few days and the heavy dew-point combined with solid doses of workout sweat is leaving me either in braids with headbands and/or ponytails with caps a LOT more than is reasonable! I need to start spending a few more minutes and a bit more effort in trying to achieve some of those lofty waves and styles full of smooth-volume I’m seeing on the glossy pages. Thank God I have a great colorist but seriously, my long, straight and usually clipped up or disguised hair needs some taming and styling and I may have found something rather cool to help me on my way!

Trying hard to dust off those remaining brain cells that have to do with my hair: I think the first time I ever went to a “real beauty parlor” as they were called when dinosaurs roamed the earth, aka when I was about 15, was for a “do” because a guy a couple of years older than I had asked me to a “Junior Prom” and my Mom was excited for me. The “look” in those days for a formal-event such as this was truly more that of a glam-girl/Cinderella and nothing like what shocks me these days as “Prom attire…” I’m so not a prude but when I see 14 yr. olds wearing “strings and platforms” along with spray-on tans, 2″ nails and hair extensions to go shimmy for 3 hours at the local high school gym, it sorta’ makes me sad because they are trying so hard to be all grown up SO fast instead of just being pretty for the night and enjoying the event. Things are very different now, this I know.

But, we did want to be “pretty” even back then and I do remember when the stylist covered my face with a linen hanky (remember those? LOL!) and told me not to breathe as she saturated my bouffant-updo with a hairspray that can only be defined as “stinky!” NOTHING could have caused THAT hairdo to come undone and I do remember struggling to brush out the teasing and popping out hairpins 2 days later in the girl’s room at school: you always tried to preserve your hairdo from Sat-Mon so everyone in school would KNOW you had been to the Prom, HAHAHA!

Fast-forward a bunch of years: I did some modeling “in the day” as well and because I was tall and built, usually got stuck in some stiff, cheapass, satin Bridal gown from hell because I “could carry the look…” A quick updo by the on set stylist would also be required because after all, it was about the lines of the dress and not my hair? Many bobby pins and a TON of hairspray later, I would walk the show looking like I wanted to be married in that dress! The difference WAS that the hairspray of “choice” back then was encased in a sleek golden canister, didn’t smell like hell, and actually left my hair feeling soft and “nice” when the pins were pulled out and I brushed away the updo: it was “Elnett Hairspray” 99% of the time and honestly back then, stylists had to have a European-connection or fly across the pond to bring back the coveted spray of the Styling Divas! It was a product that was whispered about by most clients in salons and if you were gifted a 1/2 empty canister on your way out the door of a salon by your hairdresser (as they were called…) you had indeed arrived! I believe it defined the term “cult following” for many for years!

Created by L’Oreal in France, the rather-retro canister truly does hold a magical mist: this hairspray has a most “unique” scent that you will probably either love or hate (and is now available in unscented as well!) that poufs out in a fine micro-infused mist: lasts forever,holds like nothing else, and yet somehow leaves one’s hair shining and soft! You might well have visions of your Grandma at her vanity or some fav glama’ gal who inspires your look when you spray this on. It somehow manages to evoke that which is legend in terms of a woman’s “beauty boudoir!” It’s been touted as “the best EVER” by many in the know and countless celebs and beauties rely on it to tame their wayward tresses. The GOOD news is that we here in the USA no longer have to sell our soul to a TSA agent in order to have our own luscious canister, it’s finally available widely here as well and I for one and thrilled!

For some reason, this product delights me: not the priciest hair product I’ve ever tried but somehow, it’s the one that makes me feel “special” when I use it and boy does it work! I can’t tell you enough how it isn’t sticky, doesn’t build up and leaves your hair somehow under control yet looking fresh and soft: there IS a reason some things are legend and “Elnett” for me is well-deserving of it’s star of fame!

SO many hair products out there I know but when you truly want something that works and that might even make you feel a bit more like you did getting ready for that first ever big “event”, do yourself a favor and try out a canister and see how it works for you? I won’t be without it ever again and it’s even available in a travel size as well now! Great product and  surely one that has stood the test of time!

Buy it here at Target and I’ve also seen it recently at Ulta!

Do you have a “hard to get” beauty product you love?
Do you think that sometimes it’s the fact we that we CAN’T get something that makes it more covet-worthy?

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