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lockandmaneMeg hair,  I’m so going to brag. I pride on being exclusive. There’s not a ton of mainstream on hair and we’re keeping it that way. Sure my numbers would shoot up if I wrote “Revlon” every sentence. That’s not us, if you want “easy breezey Covergirl” keep looking. The “masses” has never been my demographic. If you want the mass then your happy with the CVS mass mailing. I’m not happy with it, the stuff doesn’t deliver luxury. While I turn down most I’m not an idiot, I’m not only loving but buying from I LOVE that they feature some of the tougher to find hair care! I also love that they’ll drink a bottle or two with me in NYC and while I’m there point me right in hair fabulousness. So pour yourself a cocktail and hair about their tips!

Summer sun, somethin’s begun…and sometimes that somethin is not good. Christina from Lock & Mane here.  Most of the time we love our jobs over at L&M, since our jobs involve helping people have great hair. But as the temperature has been rising and the humidity starts to make the summer air feel like you are walking through soup we have been hearing so many more hair woes than hair wows.

It’s funny that the number one and two complaints are actually polar hair opposites, but the warm weather brings out the worst of both FRIZZ and its evil twin, GREASE.

It doesn’t have to though and we have some quick tips for providing you with those sleek and sexy locks you so covet without making your head look like a BP accident.

Today we’re going to tackle the less addressed malice, grease. We cannot say it enough.. Your best bet is to beat grease and oil at their own game and to try to eliminate them before they start.

1. Embrace the Alcohol (not just the red wine Meg!) – Alcohol helps to dry out your scalp and roots. Try to find a root lifter or volumizing spray that contains alcohol and target the oily parts of the hair, the shaft and the roots.

2. Your scalp is skin. Treat it that way. Look for hair products that contain salicylic acid (the same ingredient you have used for years to combat oily skin). We love Rene Furterer’s Curbicia purifying clay shampoo.  It deeply cleanses the scalp while controlling sebum (grossness).

3. Avoid excessive hair touching. Oils from the fingers and hands latch onto hair like a groupie at a Poison concert (in 1988).

4. Piling wet hair at the top of the head contributes to making hair more oily. The transfer of oil from scalp to ends and vice versa just becomes too easy.

5. Skip Conditioner. We know it has become such a routine. Shampoo, then condition. But if you have oily hair then your natural oils are probably conditioning hair enough, so feel free to skip a day or even two of conditioning treatments during your wash routine.

6. Keep a dry shampoo handy at all times for when the grease rears its ugly face!!

This is a Luxury Hair Care Site! Not for “Steals and Deals” but for ladies serious about their glowing tresses. Every product we go crazy for is on hair! Except Marco Pelusi (but we’ll get him there.) Here is Meg’s interview on Lock and Mane!

Meg, one quick question-what item does every girl need?

Meg: I’m not fancy, I really never grew up with anything luxurious but the one splurge I will Never Regret is the beauty of being to be able to pull out a Mason Pearson hairbrush! I see you carry my favorite brush at a wonderful price! Much like a girl’s first Chanel lipstick-A Mason Pearson brush is substance! Luxury that works! A women that grabs her amazing hand-bag ALWAYS has this amazing brush inside it to offer. It’s just quality and timeless class. You really “have arrived” when you have a Mason Pearson.
Of course overdoing this regime can lead to the F-word (and not the good one). Stay tuned until next time my lovelies when we take on the undivine Ms. F head on.

Who else is with Meg on the Mason Pearson! What hair products are you dying for on Lock And Mane?

Check it out hair!

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