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livingproofHello out there… to all you ladies who like to work your hair when you enter a room! It’s Jeanasina time and today I’m skipping my follow-up on Selma’s products because I made another new discovery just yesterday that I’d like to talk about!

So here’s the deal…My hair is over 60 years old! I bet you are visualizing shades of bone dry gray straw! Well, revise your mental visual because I haven’t allowed the sinister Greymeister to take over my head, yet! The blonde Jeanasina trademark hair is still clinging to my persona.

I have been rather lucky, because I always seemed to have good hair! As the years have progressed… my face has started falling, my body has morphed into a body I no longer recognize as my own and… there are random growths sprouting out on my body that I think were implanted by aliens! Many days I tell my husband…”I’m almost totally gone!” All that I used to associate with my body has left the building! But…I still…up to this point…have had pretty GOOD HAIR! I was always so proud of my hair!

A few years ago, when I met Goddess Granny, she made a comment that I was an older woman with teenage hair! I love that woman and her comment had me walking on hair air! Recently, undoubtedly, somewhat due to poor diet habits, and major insomnia, my hair has been brittle, dry and without the will to live!

I know you will agree with me, if your hair looks good, your mood is uplifted and we women totally find complete enjoyment in a good hair days! Well my good hair days were getting few and far between. I’d get up in the morning, look at my hair and think …”A rerun of ‘Return to Witch Mountain’ is playing in my personal theater again today!

On the days I washed my hair (every two or three days), it would dry to a nice crunchy, FRIZZED OUT haystack! I’d go outside, point to my head, and shout out to the birds…”Get your red hot nesting materials right here!”

I have only so much tolerance for having my hair resemble a blonde Brillo Pad! I went on line and conducted one heavy-duty search for the perfect answer to my demented hair woes.

I came across a product line called Living Proof. Here’s the first thing I read about their products…”Living Proof is a company of scientists from some of the world’s leading university and research laboratories working together with beauty experts towards one common goal: to invent breakthrough formulas that provide beautiful results you can see from across the room”!


I found out they made an entire line dedicated to ‘No Frizz’. I found this product line at Ulta yesterday and they are currently selling a 4 product discovery kit that has four of the products I MOST wanted to try after reading reviews and information on the No Frizz system! You can get it on line too!

I tried the No Frizz shampoo, conditioner AND the No Frizz straight styling cream! (It also comes with a trial size of the Wave Shaping, Curl Defining formula which I will try later for the days I let my wavy hair air dry or when I used a diffuser.

The kit is $20.00 but it’s a $50.00 value! I tried it this morning for the first time and I have to say…I am feeling pretty good about the condition of my hair today! I used my big round brush and a flat iron and it looks damn good – hahahahaha! I took a photo of myself today and added it to my profile page, so have a look for your self! I think it’s not too shabby for a hag hair transformation in my own home! As you can also see by other photos, I have naturally wavy hair so it takes a little magic to get my hair smooth!

I have a feeling that the more I use these products, the greater results I will have!

On the downside, I think it’s rather spendy, especially if money is an object. The bottles are not particularly large either.

The line comes with three other hair type products … RESTORE (Restore your hairs virginity), FULL (Be full from sunrise till sunset), and HOLD (Your hair. Your style. Captured.)

The shampoo lathered up well. The conditioner was nice; my hair wasn’t too snarly during the comb out. The straight making formula seemed to add to the anti-frizz promises big time! It all smells really nice!

The company says…”Unlike traditional anti-frizz products, No Frizz doesn’t contain heavy oils or silicones. So be generous – the more you use, the better you’ll look.”

I wonder if I drink the stuff if it will promote anti-frizz new hair growth right from the get-go? No? Ok…don’t try that at home.Kiss

They say…you only have one chance to make a good first impression? Well I’d have to say that the Living Proof No Frizz Discovery Kit made a definite good first impression on me.

At least for today, I don’t think anybody from across the room is going to shout out…”Hey! It’s Phil Spector’s twin sister!”

It’s going to take a lot more care to get my hair back to it’s youthful exuberance but right this second, I’m feeling like I’m having one of my youthful, good hair days.

If this product worked so well on my old geezer lady hair…it probably is ahhhmazing on younger less damaged hair!

Till we meet again…here’s to having hair that someone notices across a crowded room!

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