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“Once upon a time, Lisa Oliver was a cutting-edge stylist. On any given day, you might spot Johnny Depp or Courtney Cox sitting in her chair. Since then, she’s evolved into one of today’s master hair colorists, with a “go to” reputation among LA’s fashionistas and style police. Mention her name in certain circles, and these are some of the clients you’ll hear about: Michelle Pfeiffer, Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin, Goldie Hawn, Sherilyn Fenn, Dina Waters, Ellen Pompeo and Heather Locklear, just to name a few.

But enough with the name-dropping. Lisa is a down-to-earth gal who sees the superstar in everyone. Color is her art. And each new client is a masterpiece waiting to happen. That’s why she takes the time to create a customized color solution that positively accentuates the face and complements the skin. Her color palette encompasses everything from sun-kissed blonde to bold, fiery reds. (Just ask Marcia Cross.) But she’s not afraid to go to the dark side as well.


So, when you’re ready to find the color that best expresses your passion and personality, Lisa is ready to be your “go to” gal.”

Meg hair (yes, that was on purpose.) That’s the press release out on Lisa Oliver. I have been lucky enough to know Lisa for years. Once in a while, when there is downtime (she really doesn’t have a lot.) She’ll do me a solid and fit me into her chair. Sally Hershberger salon is where I first encountered this artist. Sally Hershberger Salon was rated for years and years as “THE TOP L.A. SALON.” To be honest, the salon itself, while very nice is not the reason you would go. The reason was the talent that worked under the Hershberger roof. It’s always fun to see a big celebrity sitting next to you under a dryer, that fun doesn’t carry over if your hair looks like crap a week later.

No one stays #1 forever. Ask Studio 54 or Spago or Sassoon. However Chanel is doing a pretty decent job. Anyhow, much like the housing market, these things at best have a solid, stellar decade run. Then it’s on to the next, hot thing. Seriously, you should have seem me 15 years ago. As Springsteen sings “Glory Days.”

The ticker was running out for Sally Hershberger’s LA Salon. New, hot, salons began springing up and talent was wanting a change.

I next met up with Lisa Oliver at her new salon. Like hair, she had to grow.

I’m linking what the Rossano Ferreti salon looks like, other than that. I will be linking to the unbias reviews from Yelp. 

It goes without saying that Lisa weighed all of her options from all of the top salons before making her jump to her new home at Rossano Ferreti. It also will come as no shock to you that all of her A-List clients followed in droves.

Lisa Oliver is an amazing haircolorist. The best of the best and here is something I would like to concentrate on. Lisa is a wonderful person. Her talent speaks to itself. I could write on and on about how she knows the “perfect color for your face” and how non-celebs FLY ALL OVER THE WORLD TO SEE HER-NOT MAKING IT UP. READ YELP. IT’S CRAZY!!!

You can be a fabulous colorist but I think you have to be an fantastic person to keep getting these accolades. I was having a not-so-amazing day and while Lisa and her team made my outside look movie star worthy, she made my inside feel lighter. I vented and Lisa had her assistant grab me a glass of champagne as she didn’t just “hmm & haw” over it but really listened. Listening to a clients needs and delivering on them will make you a success. Lisa Oliver did all this for my hair. She then listened to my heart and brain and was quick with a fabulous therapist referral. Who does that? Lisa does. She knoes she can make anyone look like Goldie Hawn on the outside, when you’re feeling like Goldie Hawn, First Wives Club on the inside. She helps fix that as well. 

Lisa colored me you a youthful, fresh and glamorous blonde. That’s a given though. That’s why she is constantly ranked as one of the top colorists in the WORLD. Lisa also gave me a hug and a phone number and more than a few laughs. That is why she ranks as a top person in the WORLD.

If you want to become a great color, go see Lisa Oliver. If you always wanted to test if “Blondes Have More Fun?” Don’t attempt it without Lisa. She has created Hollywood’s most famous Blonde Bombshells. She knows what she’s doing! If you want to become blonde, have had a “meh” day and want to walk out of her chair with newfound confidence not only on the uside but beaming from within? Call Lisa Oliver. That’s her thing.

Lisa Oliver at Rossano Ferretti 310-598-6780


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