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 leonorgreylMeg here! I’ve been shouting it from the roof tops so I’m glad there’s even more U.S. validation for our favorite luxury shampoo Leonor Greyl’s Shampooing Reviviscence. The holy book of beauty, Allure Magazine has picked it as it’s top luxury shampoo touting “a riot of oils that absolutely spoi hair!” 


The Parisians have known the benefits of Leonor Greyl for over 40 years. When I was in Paris it was a no brainer that I would take a trip to see where it all happens. I took myself off to Leonor Greyl’s Institute. If you’re going to do Paris you might as well go where the tres chic get tres coiffed. The treatments offered go way beyond the standard cut and color. There’s an actual treatment room where oils and hair recipes are painstakingly applied. Think a spa for your scalp. 


I went back into the treatment room where my follicles were fully examined. This was no casual affair. There were mixing bowls and a meticulous diagnosis designed to heal exactly what was ailing my lackluster tresses.

It was both intense yet relaxing as I literally “handed my head over.” Between the thick moistrizers being applied and the serene music being pumped, it was a complete spa experience. For your scalp.

The periodic head massages during my application made me so relaxed I started to nod off at a few points. At the end of my treatment, my hair was shiny and full of bounce. I was thoroughly relaxed and just left wondering “why the heck don’t salons in America offer these treatments?” Really, it’s like scalp shiatsu and the deep conditioning treatment left my hair gorgeous.

Things that make you go hmmmm. This wouldn’t be a weekly jaunt but it would be a fabulous monthly splurge. If you don’t have a trip to Paris coming up in your near future, no worries, you can bring the splurge stateside. Right in your shower, I’m not advising you to use Leonor Greyl’s Shampooing Reviviscence EVERYDAY, because it is a splurge. Plus, I always like to shake it up a little bit with the shampoos. I’m not the only that notices if you use the same product day in and day out on your hair, it seems to stop working.

Shampooing Reviviscence is the answer to kick start some vitality into lifeless hair.

A little goes a long way, it is so emoliient and is packed with so many essential oils you only need a dab. Also, don’t apply it below your ears! Just keep it really saturated on the top of your scalp and the conditioning oils will run through to your ends.

There’s a reason celebrities from Jenifer Aniston to Madonna, all keep Leonor Greyl in their beauty arsenals. It works, it’s natural and it’s definite luxury.

Beauty editors of every major magazine  have been touting the Leonor Greyl line as a “Must Have.” I’m really glad the word is getting out to those beyond the gilded gates. 

It’s Sunday, I still have a ton of work left and a dinner meeting. Last week was nonstop from the second I got off the plane and while this week isn’t as quite insane, it’ s far from quiet. I know I’m not alone here. Especially when I hear you mother’s talk, it seems like a shower or tub is the only break we are getting where the phone isn’t ringing (LA is more of a text town) or dinging.

If the only time you have to relax is for 10 minutes in the shower, then do it up. For most of us, it’s in the morning and how we are going to kick off our day. If those 10 minutes are going to start the feel of your day, whether it’s a foamy lux bath gelee or a fabulous scrub or Shampoo Reviviscence. A little luxury is something every girl deserves. How do you make your “alone time” an indulgence.


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