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Meg hair! InStyle, People, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, WWD-you know those little publications that nobody reads hail Leonor Greyl as not only a celebrity favorite but an editor one! You know what? I know those girls, they’re a bunch of tough broads and their standards are ridiculous so if they’re buzzing about this, we need to listen!

Beauty editors maybe aren’t your thing, maybe you’re like the rest of the entire world and are a little celeb-obsessed! Great news, then you’re covered on that point as well! Just this month in New Beauty Magazine, Jen Aniston is raving over the line. I mean, right along side Farrah has there ever been a more iconic hair super star?

Leonor Greyl is all natural and have been for almost 40 years so to say Miss Greyl was uhum, ahead of her time would be an understatement. So yes Virginia, there really is an actual Leonor Greyl. A dynamo that actually added vitamins to her hair products?!? Sign me up.

Leonor’s business spread like a wildfire and her daughter, Caroline is now at the helms. That’s some pressure. I mean I try do everything smarter, faster and better than my mother but that’s a therapy session. No reason to air it on

At Seventy Years Young, Leonor handed over the reigns to Sweet Caroline and well, business is booming. Yes, this is pricey. It’s also super fabulous, like amazing fantastic. I have heard about this brand for years and when I met the makers I bullied them into product. Because that’s what I do.

Leonor Grey Shampooing Creme Moelle De Bambou is nourishing shampoo for long and dry hair. It is specific for long hair, nourishing dry ends, creates shine, softness and manageability, Those are all things I’m in desperate need of! I mean, I may only have 3 strands of hair but the Indian woman whose hair is extended on to mine really needs it!

You know what?! It delivered! 5 champagne flutes. Shampooing Creme Moelle De Bambou was so incredibly moisturizing and hydrating on my hair that I almost thought I had grabbed a conditioner by mistake.

It definitely detangles and adds lots of shine and luster. I have asked the roomies and they too are big fans. My “maine” gay, Denny says “My hair has never, ever been better and I love the scent, it’s so pure and clean.”

This is the first item I’ve tried in the line an it’s been a total winner. I’m really excited to dive in and try the rest of their items. They have set the bar really high with this shampoo. It’s not just me, Denny, the roommates or even Jen Aniston that are getting great Leonor Greyl results. I met the women, Marjie and Caroline that run Leonor Greyl USA and yes, perfect and not a hair out of place. 

I’ll be keeping you ladies in the loop on all things Leonor Greyl! Paris has been on the calendar for some time. “Meeting” Leonor Greyl has only confirmed that I need to buy my ticket. Even the Parisian shampoo’s are stlylish and beautiful.

Have any of you tried Leonor Greyl? And how about Paris? Have you tried that?

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