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Meg hair! A few months back I wrote about my visit to The fabulous Leonor Greyl Institute in Paris. Leonor Greyl is France’s premier luxury hair care brand it is growing quickly here in the U.S.

I made my way to the Leonor Greyl Institue for one of their signature Hair Spa Treatments. I really don’t understand why more salons here in the U.S. offer these relaxing (and the results! Woohoo!) experiences. I know we have a bunch of international readers so if you have something similar in your area, I’d love to hear!

If a picture says a thousand words then this YouTube will say a few million. It’s really easy for me to describe how amazing my treatment was, but sometimes it is just easier to watch it for yourself.

The women in the beginning of the video is the wonderful Caroline Greyl. I’m sure you’ve put two and two together and figued it out, but that is Leonor’s daughter. Caroline runs the ship over there and once you get a few glasses of wine in her, she’s more fun than Disneyworld.

If you haven’t had a chance to try these products-you must. I would suggest you start with the Holy Grail product Huile De Palme if oil isn’t “your thing” you could always try Allure’s Best In Beauty Winner Shampooing Reviviscence. All of their products are exceptional and find their way on the world’s most famous manes. You know what’s on tour right now with Madonna? I mean besides a hot 20 someting Latino? Yup, Leonor Greyl products. The list of celebrities that can’t live without these items is a mile long. In fact, in this weeks issue of People Magazine, Emma Stone is styled to perfection with Leonor Greyl’s cult Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice.


If you’re new to the brand, check it out! I wanted you to see my luxurious treatment at Leonor Greyl Institute. If you’re in Paris, give it a try! Ooh La La! Don’t forget to let me know of any cool new scalp/ hair experiences you’ve had. And Seriously, why is this not done over here?!

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